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  1. Who Else Wants to Know How-To Write an Effective Advertisement?
    Webmasters struggle everyday with the question of how they should advertise their website. There are so many advertising venues; it is hard to know which is the right venue or the right combination of advertising venues. The answer to this question is actually simple. The right venues are the ones that allow you to earn enough sales from the placement of your advertisement to make a profit. Your advertisement should earn more money for you than it cost for you to buy the advertisement.

  2. Copywriting Tips: Avoid 6 Common Pitfalls With Your Call to Action
    Whenever you’re writing promotional emails or web copy, you have a hidden – or not so hidden – agenda of what you’d like the reader to do. There’s a certain step you hope they’ll take after they finish reading. Perhaps it’s to opt in to your newsletter, call you for a free executive briefing or purchase your latest product. Whatever that desired next step is, you get far better results when you tell readers explicitly to take that step. Copywriters call this explicit direction a “call to action.”

  3. Building Brand Identity - Monitoring the Numbers
    Metrics are an important part of any online branding and advertising strategy. Suppose a site gets an average of 1,400 views per week. What does that mean? For a small blog that updates once or twice per week, with an average ad revenue of, say, a half cent per view, this might seem all right. For a major news outlet like Fox or MSNBC, it would be disastrous. The raw numbers aren't as important as the context the reviewer places them in; such is the nature of the metric.

  4. How to Improve Your Online Marketing Results
    Several factors are integral in determining your advertising campaign success and conversion rates. A good frame work to assess your campaign would be to base it on the 40-40-20 rule. The 40-40-20 dictum is that 40 percent of your marketing success is dependent on your ability to target your audience, another 40 percent is dependent on your value proposition, and the last 20 percent is reserved for everything else, including creatives.

  5. Cut the Crap - Avoiding the Trap of Crap Content
    People are a notoriously self-interested lot. They avoid activities that don't benefit them, skip events that bore them and reject content that doesn't interest them in some way. They aren't going to go out of their way to read up on an article simply because it has all the information the author thinks is vital and important if they personally feel that article is a waste of their time. Indeed, nothing is a surer waste of someone's time than a crappy, poorly assembled article.

  6. Blog Posts Versus Email - Which is Better for Marketing?
    There's been an interesting discussion going on in a class I'm co-facilitating about the best way to reach customers and prospective customers:

  7. Small Business Owners: Are You Making These 3 Deadly Website Copywriting Mistakes?
    It's a common question. "What copywriting mistakes should I avoid?" There are many, but the three I chose might surprise you. Why? Because while these can potentially cause the greatest amount of damage they are not ones most copywriters talk about. Why? Because these aren't the "sexy" copywriting mistakes. They aren't the quick-fix aspects. They require thinking and judgment and. <gasp!>. work!

  8. Not Your Grandfather's Press Release
    Sometimes the various means of branding a business overlap. Blogs, video archives, promotional pages, the online press room and press releases all seem to bleed into each other without distinction. So what is it that makes any one element distinct? Fortunately, there are ways to separate each element, if some consideration is given to the role of each in the greater branding effort.

  9. Online Brand Management - Deliver the Best of Your Brand with an Online Newsletter
    Many organizations are replacing their hard copy, dead-tree-edition newsletter with an email publication. Emailed newsletters have the benefit of requiring fewer resources, going out faster, reaching a wider audience with less effort and being easier to correct if a mistake slips in. However, many of them end up being ignored just as much as their physical counterpart.

  10. How To Get Your Syndicated Articles Opened, Read And Published
    Syndicated articles can be a very powerful promotion tool in the hands of the person who knows how to use them... This is the reason why article marketing is generally a hot topic of conversation... Unfortunately, not all of the conversation is positive, because the vast majority of people who attempt to utilize article marketing for the promotion of their online business are absolutely clueless as to how to use article marketing to its fullest potential...

  11. Cracking The Article Marketing Puzzle
    Article marketing is one of those topics that always seems to generate a lot of conversation in forums and marketing discussions... Online marketers are generally split into three camps, when it comes to arguing the effectiveness of article marketing as a promotional method...

  12. Building Brand Identity - New Tools Demand New Methods
    Military students often learn of a certain mistake that a commander can make: fighting last year's war with this year's tools. The lesson is that it may not work to use the newest techniques and technologies as a way to do the same old thing more effectively, when the answer instead might be using new tools to foster an entirely new approach. The concept holds true in many fields, especially in the discipline of social media marketing.

  13. Building Inroads: the Inclusive Path to Branding
    The traditional model of brand building has been largely dictated by the technology available. When the means of communication was paper, the picture advertisement dominated, and gave rise to the clever slogan. The slogan developed into the jingle with the rise of radio, and the advent of television allowed the creation of the commercial.

  14. Social Media Marketing Agencies
    Experts exist for a reason. For example, there are many tasks the average car owner can perform on their own with a little practice; they maybe can change the oil, replace brake pads, tune a few elements. But in many cases it's far more efficient and effective to let an expert dig into the heart of the machine to make it really purr. Marketing has its own experts, for every conceivable aspect.

  15. 5 Essential Elements of Successful Article Marketing
    If you want to understand how to be successful online, study those who are already successful, and gain an understanding of "what they do" and "why they do what they do..." Then mirror their actions... I have been very successful using Article Marketing to promote my online businesses, since early 2000... I have written and distributed many articles that went on to generate sales in the five figures... But for the sake of the FTC, "Very few people will make this kind of money with Article Marketing..."

  16. Look Out For The Smoking Gun
    In the legal world, there is a term called "Smoking Gun" which refers to that critical piece of information which makes it impossible for your opponent to win a court case. It's a fact, a piece of evidence or whatever which proves what you have to say beyond any seed of doubt. And there are a lot of correlations between law and advertising because when you are selling via the printed word, your jury is your customer.

  17. Use the Charm of Contrast for a Great Company Slogan or Advertising Tag Line
    At the bottom of page 1 of my local small-town paper, the following headline for our hometown hospital caught my attention, " Nationally Ranked. Locally Loved." I read it a few times and smiled. This headline has so much going for it. It's a perfect illustration of how to use contrast effectively in an advertising slogan or tag line.

  18. A Company Catchphrase: Creating a Motto or Slogan That Promotes Your Business
    "Reach out and touch someone." "The ultimate driving machine." "Finger lickin' good." Chances are, you not only know immediately that those slogans come from AT&T, BMW and KFC, in that order. Those catchphrases may also very well have persuaded someone you know to place more long-distance calls, purchase a particular brand of car and decide where to stop for supper. Such slogans truly influence customers, and that's why you want one for your own company.

  19. Media Publicity Tips for Artists: Top 10 Ways for Artists to Get into the News
    If you’re uncomfortable tooting your own horn to the public, media coverage is a perfect alternative for you. Understand that journalists, editors and producers need stories to perform their job and fill up space on the air, in print or on their sites. Hand them a promising story idea and they do the rest of the work singing your praises to the world! Here now are the easiest, most relevant 10 ways for artists – sculptors, painters, photographers, craftspeople, cartoonists and performance artists – to get into the news.

  20. The UGLY Advertisement
    Today is my third last day before I take a break from everything for a couple of weeks. And things are getting ugly. I think it's been all the work and stress leading up to the final day, trying to fit everything in. For instance, I wear glasses when I am in front of the computer. And yesterday one of the sides snapped off. I don't have time to fix it, so I feel a little lopsided at the moment. What's more, my neck is out of whack (which reminds me I better call my hiropractor)... Ok, back again now.

  21. ABCs of Article Marketing for Newbies
    So, you're new to article marketing and you're not sure where to start? You need to understand why you're writing and submitting articles for distribution. If you don't get the WHY, your plan won't work.

  22. Social Media and SEO Myths
    I was reading this book the other day about the death of advertising. It was a book written by a web 2.0 search engine fan and he was saying there was going to be a death of advertising and everything would be done via search engines, social media, etc. going forward. Now that's partly true. Things have shifted.

  23. Track And Measure Your Advertising, Customer Acquisition Costs, And The Lifetime Value Of A Customer
    As business owners and managers, we need to look at a variety of numbers to gain a better understanding of our businesses. In this article, we are going to consider two very important metrics in business marketing - Cost Of Customer Acquisition and Advertising ROI (Return On Investment). One of the most important numbers we need to always be mindful of is the "Cost of a New Customer" or "Cost of Customer Acquisition".

  24. The Three Biggest Mistakes First-Timers Make When Developing Information Products
    "Is it really worth developing information products instead of spending that time and energy working for clients?" I’m often asked this question, and the answer is yes… as long as you avoid the top three mistakes I see others make when creating their first infoproduct.

  25. Five Ways to Make Your Company Slogan Catchy or Your Tag Line Terrific
    Whether you call it a company slogan, a tag line, a strapline, a logline, a branding statement, a positioning statement, a motto or a memory hook, this refers to a phrase that follows the company name in website headers, in print ads, on business cards and everywhere else. Ideally, the slogan should say something interesting in a snappy way. In many cases, however, it just says something ordinary in a snappy way, and that gets the job done.

  26. New Venue For Advertisement - Taxi Receipts
    When businesses begin evaluating marketing strategies, many start with basic print or television advertisements. The importance of choosing the proper medium can be the difference between a successful, effective campaign and a campaign, which flops. With all the types of advertising out in the world today, every company is looking for that new and innovative idea for great exposure.

  27. Why You Must Find Out About Product Launches Early!
    If you are an affiliate marketer, one secret to making more sales is finding out about product launches early. This is true even if you are new to affiliate marketing and have a very tiny list. The reason is, this is true that when you find out about a product launch early, you can position yourself to take advantage of organic search engine traffic during the product launch.

  28. Article Marketing With Free E-Books
    Don't just submit your articles to submission sites. You put a great deal of time into writing and perfecting your articles, so you want to get the most out of them. Compile your articles into a professional looking e-book that you can submit to e-book directories and freebie sites, give away as a bonus, or allow e-zine publishers to give away.

  29. Article Marketing Basics Explained
    If you've been writing and submitting free reprint articles for any length of time you know that each submission site has its own set of guidelines for writers. If you are new to the process you may not know that there are standard practices that apply in most cases for having your articles accepted.

  30. Old Media Drives New Media
    The average American's Internet use has nearly doubled in the past two years, according to a MediaPost article. This means that the Internet now accounts for 1/3 of the average US consumer's media day. So, how are you going to get those Americans to your website, hmmm? By the way, did I tell you that your website is one of about 186 million?

  31. Your Good Reputation and How to Market It
    To make your business grow in the right way, many things have to be taken into consideration. Marketing and advertising your products and services are the most important. Without developing and implementing intelligent brand marketing and promotional strategies, it will be impossible to see an increase in you customer base.

  32. Article Marketing With Free E-books
    Don't just submit your articles to submission sites. You put a great deal of time into writing and perfecting your articles, so you want to get the most out of them. Compile your articles into a professional looking e-book that you can submit to e-book directories and freebie sites, give away as a bonus, or allow e- zine publishers to give away.

  33. Benefits of Flyer Printing
    Flyer printing is a cheap, easy way to display a message for others to view on a piece of paper. It is a convenient form of non confrontational advertising as it gives consumers the leisure to read it in their own time. Flyer printing gives you the advantage of approaching likely consumers with your flyers by posting it on public billboards, handing them out to people in public areas, mailing it to people in your neighbourhood, along with many other options.

  34. Advertisers and Online Advertising Agencies
    Ten years ago I founded NetMediaReps, Inc., an advertising agency for online companies, specifically online newsletter publishers trying to find advertisers for their publications. My decision to found my own company grew out of my frustration in trying to obtain agency representation for my husband's company.

  35. Advertise Wisely! How to Avoid Advertising Fiascos for Your Small Business
    All too often I hear “I spent $XXX on advertising and got no results to show for it” from small business owners or Internet entrepreneurs who can ill afford to throw $XXX down the drain. You can avoid landing in that position by following one rule: Never, never, never pay for advertising simply because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  36. Article Marketing Advice: Increasing the Readability of Your Articles
    When it comes to writing articles to promote your online business, it's important to consider more than just your marketing goals: it's essential that you also focus on writing articles that people will want to read. In other words, you don't just want to use words; and you don't want to market and sell your business directly. Instead, you want to make an effort to be engaging and influential.

  37. When (and When NOT) to Charge for Your Info Products
    One of my clients recently asked me whether she should charge for a series of tip sheets she created for families traveling with young children. Great question. There's quite a bit of confusion around whether you should sell or give away your information products. About half the advice I hear favors giving information away for free. The other half favors charging.

  38. Online Branding - the Basics
    The term "brand" has been around for many years and can be used to refer to a company name, a product name, an advertising campaign or a logo. Branding is used to create an emotional attachment to a product or company. It can also create a sense of perceived higher quality or value.

  39. Balancing SEO Against The Needs of Your Article's Audience
    Article marketing continues to be a proven method for generating traffic to our websites and developing good search placement, even after all of these years. I have been reading articles online since 1995, and I continue to read a few dozen articles per week on subjects that are dear to my heart.

  40. I Was Quoted in the News, Now What? Publicity Dilemma 10
    Whether it was the Wall Street Journal or Hometown News Radio that quoted you last Monday, congratulate yourself. You have achieved a credibility-boosting distinction that many businesses never attain. And now let's figure out how you can derive lasting benefit from your media coverage.

  41. How To Identify and Write For Your Target Market
    Many people question as to what topic they should choose to write their articles... Fortunately, the short answer is simple... Write articles that appeal to your target market. But what does that mean exactly? I always pose this set of three questions, when I am talking to clients about what they should write about:

  42. How Can I Take Advantage of Breaking News? Publicity Dilemma 9
    If a news story breaks that relates to the services or products you sell, become alert, find an interesting way to make the connection, and take action as soon as possible. This is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to earn media coverage that captures attention in the marketplace.

  43. I'm Afraid of Being Misquoted! Publicity Dilemma 8
    Occasionally someone comes up at the end of a seminar on publicity to tell me that they once got media coverage, but the article was full of errors and they're now reluctant to try again. Or someone cites a colleague or neighbor who was grievously misquoted in the news. From those who've voiced this concern to me, I suspect many who don't ask about it also have this worry in the back of their minds.

  44. We're Trying to Do Good But Got No Response:  Publicity Dilemma 3
    "We have a worthy cause, but our press releases about it aren't getting picked up anywhere," says one of my subscribers. "What else can we do to get media coverage?" When a plain old press release doesn't attract media interest in your cause, it's time to inject the outreach for your do-good project with one or more of the following ingredients.

  45. Stuck for Press Release Angles? Three Fruitful Ways to Brainstorm Publicity Angles
    Many of my clients get excited about the power of press releases to attract media attention, generate sales and move a site higher in search engines. They engineer one or two big hits and get even more excited about the possibilities. Then, despite their enthusiasm and success, I see their publicity efforts halt in their tracks, because they have run out of ideas for additional press releases.

  46. What if My Publicity Angle Needs a Photo? Publicity Dilemma 6
    Occasionally I hear from someone who laments that they can't possibly reduce the charms of what they sell to words. Only a photo, they claim, adequately conveys what it is and why it is so wonderful.

  47. Do We Need to Buy Ads to Get Media Coverage? Publicity Dilemma 4
    A well-known product development expert claims that few magazines feature new products these days, and of those that do, almost all of them print articles only about companies that advertise in the magazine. The game is "pay to play," he says, so if you write and distribute a release about a new product without buying ads in the magazines that reach your target market, you are wasting your time.

  48. Target Only High-end Customers With My Publicity Offer? Publicity Dilemma 5
    Got something you want to use as bait for prospective customers? Publicity can be a great way to spread awareness of the availability of your giveaway item. Write a press release announcing it and highlighting its usefulness to your target market, and often the media cooperate in getting the word out.

  49. Co-op Advertising Enables Advertisers To Get More Promotion With Fewer Dollars
    Co-op advertising has been around for as long as there has been print advertising, and it continues strong even in today's digital world of television and online advertising. Read this article to learn more about cooperative advertising and how you can use it to accelerate the growth of your offline or online business.

  50. How (and Why) to Dominate Google News
    Search engine marketing efforts usually focus on improving the extent to which a site shows up in Google searches. However, there are distinct methods and advantages to showing up in Google News searches.

  51. What's the Right Timing for Publicity? Publicity Dilemma 2
    Media outlets are in the news business. And as you can tell from the close resemblance between the words "news" and "new," the mission of the media is to bring you interesting and timely reports on what's new.

  52. Information Products: Fifteen Factors That Boost Their Perceived Value
    Although the going rate partially depends on the target market, ebooks currently tend to sell for $29.95 to $49.95. Single audio recordings fall in the same range. Length isn’t necessarily a multiplier.

  53. How An Advertising Balloon Signage Should Look Like
    Hot air balloons are in these days and it is here to stay forever. This statement is said with conviction because hot air balloons have so much to offer. A lot of people have written in their journals or lists of things to do "to ride in a hot air balloon" and reality television shows are some venues where a person can actually make this dream come true.

  54. Boost Your Business with Target Marketing
    Often the most profound bits of wisdom are revealed in mundane situations. This morning I finished up a bottle of body oil and noticed that it felt really good to know I had used it all up, wasting none of its contents. This led me to think about my life. When I get to the end of my life, I want to feel really good about having used it all up, and know that I wasted none of the gifts inside of me.

  55. Is Email Advertisements A Business?
    The wellness industry has a vast number of products for people to market and to sell. Trying to decide what is the best way to run your home business in the wellness industry can be a difficult decision. Let's face it; the majority of us have limited funding for advertising and marketing.

  56. Don't Miss Out on Free Advertising - Print & Mail Wisely
    A recent report by a top UK mailing systems specialist has highlighted a major missed promotional opportunity amongst European organizations.

  57. Using Content To Boost Your Traffic And Profits
    Most people are not aware of how very important content is to the online business. Content can actually do more to build your business and profits that any other service or resource available and is very valuable because of this.

  58. 10 Beneficial Reasons For Submitting Articles To E-zine
    You'll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. Introduce yourself in your article. Haven't you ever read an article and wondered half way through it who is selling the product? It's a big turn off.

  59. 5 Low Cost Ways To Generate Web Traffic
    All online businesses need web traffic. It doesn't matter what your goal is or which business model you are following, you need a stream of targeted traffic, whether you are monetizing your website with Adsense or selling a product or service.

  60. Are You Advertising Or Spamming Your Subscribers?
    There is a fine line between advertising and spam and unfortunately many business owners do not understand the difference between the two. This is important because while a cleaver, well planted Internet marketing campaign can help to attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal, spam is likely to alienate both new customers and existing customers.

  61. 7 Valuable Tips for Choosing Advertising Media
    Your advertising media are the communication vehicles you use to convey your marketing messages. That's why, in addition to selecting ones that reach your targeted audience, you'll want to make sure they provide you with the best possible results for the least amount of time and money.

  62. Word Of Mouth Advertising: Don't Let It Turn Against You
    It's long been known that there is no more powerful form of advertising than word of mouth. When people hear about a product or service or business from someone not paid to tell them about it, it means much more than anything you could possibly buy.

  63. Advertising Campaigns And Craigslist
    Craigslist provides a worthwhile media for an advertising campaign for any business offering their services and products. Any business owner can appreciate the financial gains of advertising on Craigslist, whether their services and products are available through real stores or e commerce websites.

  64. Tackle Your Stumbling Block
    When I was 29 years old, I started an information technology consulting firm. Our goal was to persuade Fortune 1000 companies to hire us to convert their information systems to Microsoft Windows. It was 1991, and there wasn't much Windows programming expertise in the marketplace.

  65. Is Classified Advertising worth the trouble?
    Online Classified Advertising is prolific throughout the internet. It isn't very hard to set up a classified site but are they worth using? Like standard paper advertising it is about finding the right classified site to advertise with.

  66. What's The Deal With Business Exposure From Public Relations?
    Public relations is useful whether you want to reach a global audience or only a single town, it is the perfect compliment to advertising efforts. And best of all, it is not downright expensive!

  67. PR is More Than Just Publicity
    So you've hung up your shingle and clients aren't exactly beating a path to your door. What can you do? Well you might think standing out on the street with a megaphone will do the trick.

  68. Business Advertising: Do-It-Yourself Advertising Versus Using a Promotional Ad Agency
    Are you a small to medium sized business owner? If you are, you may be looking for ways to improve your customer base and your profits in general. If you are you, you may be interested in starting a new marketing or advertising campaign.

  69. How To Market Private Label Info Products
    When you are marketing private label rights digital products there are many ways that you can do this. You will first need to figure out what your advertising budget is. It doesn't matter how much money you have to work with but it is important to know this up front before you start any marketing.

  70. PPC Advertising - Does it Work?
    Online PPC advertising is one of the most popular ways to get traffic to your website that are used today. With PPC advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, website owners can get targeted visitor traffic to their websites without having to stretch their budgets too far.

  71. How to Make tons of Money Online Using free AdvertisingTechniques
    To make money online all you need is a website and something to sell or a product to promote where you earn a percentage of the sale. It is as simple as that. That part is easy. The difficult part is getting people to visit your web site to buy what you are selling and this is where marketing techniques come in.

  72. Self-Promotion Writing Tips for Companies
    One of the best ways for companies to "get their name out there" is through self-promotion. This is a little different than straight up advertising and usually more effective. Self-promotion involves providing information to potential clients by way of a written article instead of the standard sales pitch

  73. Santa – The Brand
    Every Christmas Eve, a burglar named Santa busts into homes around the world, but he has never been charged with B&E. He has one of the best, most positive brands around and it continues to inoculate him against any hint of impropriety, as it has for generations.

  74. Boost Your Sales Copy With One Simple Tweak
    Do you want an amazingly simple trick to move far ahead of your competition and increase sales? With this free, no- software little tweak, you will be able to put customized information into a web page that is different for everyone you invite to visit. It is incredibly simple; seriously, I promise! All that you need is a very basic understanding of HTML, like how to make hyperlinks, and I will teach you everything else. Sound fair?

  75. Improve Your Follow Through Marketing Skills
    Are you getting people to your site, but just not turning out the number of sales you'd like to see? Perhaps you're not following through with each visitor as much as is needed.No matter how good your promotion is, you won't be taking full advantage of it until you have a complete follow through plan.

  76. Teleclasses: A Key Component of an Infopreneuring Strategy
    Teleclasses are one of the fastest and easiest ways to launch or build an information product program. And because they are very inexpensive to run, teleclasses can also be very lucrative.

  77. How Can I Market With Articles If I Can't Write?
    The shrewdest and most effective means of free advertising is through providing interesting and relevant information to your potential customers. You can do this easily by writing and distributing free reprint articles at various web sites around the 'net.

  78. How to Write a Media Release
    A media release is often called a press release, but it's the same thing: a written form of communication. In the film King Solomon's Mines, Stewart Granger knew lunch was ready when African drums began to roll.

  79. The Magic Solo Ad Formula!
    Here's a surprisingly simple but highly untapped formula that will increase your solo ad response by at least another 100% or more.Unlike the multitudes of hyped-up, 'sell me something' ads out there, your ads will stand out like a rose among the thorns using this formula.

  80. About Intellectual Advancement and Emotional Degeneration
    Amazing, how a conversation that starts out on an innocent note, can suddenly zoom into something as in-depth as humanity and the reasons behind its performance.

  81. 3 Ways To Get More Sales When You Advertise
    Here are 3 powerful marketing tactics you can use to get more sales the next time you advertise. All 3 work for any business. And you can use them effectively on the Internet or in traditional media.

  82. Increasing Your Sales Is A Phone Call Away!
    I have noticed that many E business people lack the sales skills of traditional business people. Perhaps this is because, the Internet has made it easier for all people to make attempts at business on-line. A digital business is nevertheless a business, and you will need traditional sales skills to be successful in running an on-line business.

  83. Discover "No Results, No Pay" Radio Advertising And Generate New WebSite Traffic
    Here's a simple way to use "No Results, No Pay" radio advertising and build traffic for your website.

  84. 15 Tips for Better Yellow Page Ads
    Common sense advice for those "unchangeable for a year" ads More about advertising from BIG Mike McDaniel Yellow Pages advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising in the country today.




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