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  1. The Top Twelve Business Etiquette Tips for Social Media
    There is no doubt about it-social networking, or social media if you prefer, is all the buzz. A report just out by Forrester's Research indicates that 51% of online Americans have joined a social network. Another 73% are consuming some form of social content on a regular basis. People are connecting with, listening to, following and collaborating with each other online at an amazing rate.

  2. The Power of Welcome Home
    Welcome home! These two small words carry potent possibilities for creating a connection that evokes loyalty and teamwork. Yet, one seldom thinks of "welcome home" in the context of work. In fact, it is only through recent incidents that I have become acutely aware of the power this gesture holds.

  3. Sincerity: the 'Secret Sauce' for Effective Marketing
    A couple years ago, I was talking with someone who was, for me, a very challenging client. I'm all about cultivating relationships that result in opportunities to sell. This particular client seemed allergic to cultivating relationships for reasons I never really understood. I remember one such meeting, I was trying to explain to my client the wisdom of first creating trust and credibility before trying to get a sale.

  4. Customer Service Opportunity Missed
    Last month I must have qualified for the "Frequent Flyer of the Month" Award. I flew over twenty segments (separate flights) on business. When I mention this to friends and associates, their response is always, "It must be exhausting to work like that." The work is not tiring. I love what I do. I could stand up and speak about business etiquette till the cows come home. The air travel is the killer.

  5. Entrepreneur's Beware!
    For most entrepreneur's, there is nothing more exciting than starting your own business. Working for others may be a necessity so you can get on your feet, gain some experience and a book of business, and move forward securely, but it is hardly the ideal for a true entrepreneur who has the spirit and passion to go out on their own.

  6. Trade Show Etiquette - Free Mints and First Impressions
    Trade shows are big business today and you probably already have a number of invitations from upcoming conferences asking if you would be interested in renting space to hawk your wares.

  7. Business Shine
    Networking, cocktail parties and business lunches are an important part of our everyday working life. being at ease in these situations and behaving in the most appropriate manner doesn't always come easily to everyone.

  8. Valuable Contemplations
    "The most rewarding purpose one can have is a purpose that will benefit at least one other soul." Therefore: make sure that your purposes will not deliberately be harmful to any person in particular. Moreover: try to formulate them in such a way that as many others as possible can benefit from them.

  9. Lessons Learned Today
    Everyday is unique in its own way. Yet, some days feel better than others. Those are the ones where the traffic lights all seem to jump on green when you get near, when people are smiling, and when things seem to go well in every area. But then there are those days where you feel like shooting everything and everybody:

  10. 10 Ways to Promote Your Teleclass
    With the seminar business in upheaval and time slots available for educational events in busy schedules shorter than ever, it's no surprise that teleclasses are surging in popularity. Some individuals and companies offer free telephone seminars on carefully chosen and strategically described topics to attract people who are good prospects for their paid products and services.




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