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Advertising Campaigns And Craigslist

by Kevin Sinclair

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Published on this site: October 19th, 2007 - See more articles from this month

Craigslist provides a worthwhile media for an advertising campaign for any business offering their services and products. Any business owner can appreciate the financial gains of advertising on Craigslist, whether their services and products are available through real stores or e commerce websites.

There is little risk involved in advertising on Craigslist, unlike other forms of advertising media. Advertising is free on Craigslist, with the exception of posting for housing and jobs in in specific markets. Users must agree with the terms of service for Craigslist and must follow their specific guidelines while placing advertisements; however, it is free to use. This means you do not have to concern yourself financially to place your business advertisements or meeting potentials in terms of sales generated.

Reach Potential Consumers on Craigslist

You can reach a multitude of potential consumers when placing advertisements for services and products on Craigslist, as it is worthwhile. Craigslist provides a fact sheet for review that reveals significant information concerning the websites flow of internet traffic. Craigslist enjoys nearly four billion page views each month, while ten million people a month use Craigslist. These statistics clearly show that advertisements placed on Craigslist receive some attention by potential consumers.

The advertising possibilities are limitless with so many people visiting Craigslist each month, however there is no guarantee any of those visitors will find interest in your service or product. As with any marketing campaign, your advertisements must be informative and appealing while being placed in the best location on Craigslist so that you reach your target viewers.

Locating your Craigslist Target Viewers

It is essential that your advertising have the proper structure to reach your target viewers as opposed to a large audience of internet users who hold not interest in your services or products. It is in your best interest to reach a small audience of those individuals who do find interest in your services and products, since those with an interest are your target viewers.

To reach your target viewers on Craigslist you must place your advertisements in the most appropriate locations. There are specific sections for businesses to place their advertisements on Craigslist. There are a number of categories in this section. A computer repair business would be wise to place advertisements in the computer section rather than the automotive section since anyone looking for help with computers will naturally look there first. Sometimes it is appropriate to place advertisements in other sections as well. As long as it does not cross the line into spamming the section, it is acceptable to do so.

You have a couple of options when there is no specific section for your advertisements. You could place your advertisement in the small business section where it is easy find while doing a search of this section. On the other hand, feel free to contact Craigslist to make suggestions of additional categories. If they believe the category warrants an addition, they may be willing to accommodate the section.

Advertising and Spamming There is a Difference

Craigslist provides for advertising, but not for spamming. Placing an advertisement in the correct section on Craigslist is fine, however you cannot place the same advertisement in every section of Craigslist as this is spamming, no matter the geographical region. There are numerous reasons why spamming is unproductive.

When potential consumers see spam, they know what it is and will more than likely not patronize your business. When Craigslist finds someone practicing the technique of spamming, all the advertisements are deleted and they may very well ban that individual for their website. This means spamming is really a big waste of your valuable time and not worthwhile in the least.

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