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What's The Deal With Business Exposure From
Public Relations?

by Jo Han Mok

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Published on this site: August 23rd, 2007 - See more articles from this month

Public relations is useful whether you want to reach a global audience or only a single town, it is the perfect compliment to advertising efforts. And best of all, it is not downright expensive!

Here's a few tips to help you get started:

  • Get published: Write educational articles for tradejournals,newspapers, and other publications that reach your target audience. They'll get your name in front of the public and add to your credibility. Credibility is an excellent PR technique, and if your target customers spot the information and believe in you, they will be calling you in the future.

  • Write your press releases for humans AND search engines: Although they may look for different types of information in a press release, humans and search engines both want the same thing - great content. Learning how to write a press release so that reporters, potential customer and search engines all find it useful is time well spent. Once your release is written, research two or three relevant keyword terms that are related to your press release and that people would actually be searching for. Then ensure those keywords are included in the title, first paragraph and last paragraph. Be sure that your release still reads naturally and does not sound like you're writing just for the search engines. This can be tricky at first, but with practice you'll soon find writing optimized press releases takes very little extra time.

  • Join the blogsphere: Don't overlook blogs as a great source of publicity. They can be as influential as many rint publications. Bloggers love to be on the cutting edge and are always looking for new sites to review, points of view to debate, and new products to introduce to their readers. However, there are some important rules to keep in mind before approaching a blog owner. Since they do not have a set editorial calendar, it can be a challenge to know what to submit to them and when. Before pitching a blogger, it's best to read their blog archives to get a feel for what they like to print. Then send them a very targeted pitch instead of a press release since most bloggers do not write posts from press releases.

  • Schedule some public speaking events: Public relations is all about finding ways to get out there and get noticed by customers, members of the media and even potential joint venture partners. A great way to do this is to teach a class or give a talk on your area of expertise. This can be at a local college, your Chamber of Commerce or even online. Simply put together a detailed overview of what you'll be discussing and contact people who may be interested in helping you host and promote it. These types of events are often mentioned in the newspaper and can be used whenever appropriate as further proof of your expertise.

Using these tips to effectively use publicity to reach out to the public is sure to create a positive effect for your business. A well executed public relations campaign can build trust and respect with both your current and potential customers.

Jo Han Mok: Is the author of the #1 international business bestseller, The E-Code. He shares his amazing blueprint for creating million dollar
internet businesses at: http://www.InternetMillionaireBlueprints.com

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