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Old Media Drives New Media

by Harry Hoover

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Published on this site: August 4th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

The average American's Internet use has nearly doubled in the past two years, according to a MediaPost article. This means that the Internet now accounts for 1/3 of the average US consumer's media day. So, how are you going to get those Americans to your website, hmmm? By the way, did I tell you that your website is one of about 186 million? (http://www.labnol.org/internet/total-websites-on-
internet-worldwide/520\ 6/

Google Adwords can help, but it doesn't drive the volume of web traffic most local businesses would like to see. If you have your own email list, superb. Nothing like email to drive current customer traffic. But what about for customer acquisition?

If you haven't noticed, there is a fire sale going on at the old media store. Newspapers are struggling, so, too, are many radio and TV stations. Rates are down and so is competition for eyeballs. It's a great time to increase your share of voice and take market share from weak competitors.

In my mind, a local business should be looking at these media opportunities. In particular, I'd look at my local newspaper, especially if it has a solid web presence. You can pick up packages that include both print and web options. For instance, according to the same MediaPost article:

"The report further reveals that seven daily newspapers have achieved a net unduplicated reach of 80% or more when the past 30-day website visitor figure is combined with the past month print readership figure. Among these newspapers are the:

  • New Orleans Times Picayune with a total unduplicated reach of 85.8%
  • San Antonio Express-News (80.6%)
  • Post-Standard in Syracuse (84%)
  • Buffalo News (83.3%)
  • Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester (80.9%)
  • Peoria Journal Star (80.4%)
  • Omaha World Herald (82.2%)

Says Bob Jordan, President of The Media Audit,

"Daily newspapers were the first to embrace a multi-platform distribution strategy amidst a period when consumers were spending more and more time with the Internet. And as a result, newspapers followed the way of the consumer. By doing so, they have broadened their reach to include younger consumers. And these consumers are buying new cars and driving sales for retailers who represent a significant portion of the newspaper industry's revenue… "

So, if you have ignored old media in the past, now just might be the time to take a second look.

Harry Hoover is a partner in My Creative Team. He has more than 30 years
of experience in crafting and delivering bottom line messages that ensure success for serious businesses like Duke Energy, Levolor, National Gypsum, North Carolina Tourism, Nucor, Premier, Rubbermaid, VELUX, and Verbatim.

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