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  1. ACH Processing: Chargeback Protection
    Any merchant that accepts credit cards or electronic checks for payment faces the risk of chargebacks. A chargeback happens when the consumer disputes the ACH debit (ACH Processing allows a business to debit a consumer or business checking or savings account-many businesses use ACH Processing to streamline payment collection and enjoy the benefits of reliable cash flow).

  2. Using ACH Processing to Save Your Business Time and Money
    Businesses spend lots of time keeping track of just about everything. If you totaled the hours spent collecting payments, sending invoices, making collection calls, posting payments, bank trips etc that number would be depressingly high. How can you cut down on both time and dollars spent?

  3. Slash Credit Card Fees by 80% and Gain More Customers
    If you are a merchant that accepts credit cards then you know those fees ONLY seem to go up. Depending on the product and your customers you can easily be paying 3% or more in blended fees. Trying to figure out exactly what you are paying by examining your merchant statement can be an exercise in futility. These statements are at best confusing and at worst deliberately designed to make you not want to read (understand) them. Downgrades, surcharges etc. Certainly enough to give you a headache. So what can you do?

  4. Refinancing With A Second Mortgage Or Home Equity Loan
    If you're looking into refinancing your home and have a second mortgage or a home equity loan or line of credit, in some cases you may be out of luck. If you want to refinance your primary loan, you first must convince the lenders holding any second position loans to agree to continue to be in a subordinate position behind the new primary loan. This is called Subordination.

  5. Tips Mortgage Companies Don't Want You To Know!
    Mortgage brokers have a huge advantage when you are applying for a loan, this is because mortgages are their life. They know everything about mortgages and so can make a lot of money due to your lack of knowledge. Mortgage brokers know all about the wholesale interest rates that you will qualify for, and are able to add on as much commission as they want, just to make some extra money.

  6. How To Start Your Own Credit Repair Business
    Judging by the newspaper headlines, there is a large, untapped customer base for credit repair businesses. The combination of higher unemployment rates and the ever-tightening credit squeeze will push more Americans over the edge into financial trouble. This might well be the perfect opportunity for you to become an entrepreneur and start your own credit repair business.

  7. Small Business Owners Who Manage Cash Flow Well Profit Tremendously
    Starting a business is always a tremendous undertaking. It is the most stressful undertaking a person could ever attempt to do. Most new business owners fail to understand that running a business is a complex operation, which will require the business owner/manager to pull many hat tricks to stay afloat.

  8. Free Prepaid Credit Cards-How to Find the Best Right Now
    Finding free prepaid credit cards is something that everybody wants nowadays, as these are great devices to have around. However, here's something you should know-prepaid cards are never free, for the simple fact that they are prepaid.

  9. Credit Cards, Merchant Accounts, and Your Bottomline
    I have found over the years that most bankers , no matter how experienced or knowledgeable about the banking business they my be , don ' t really know much....

  10. How to Choose a Bank for your Home Business Home Articles Studio ... Some banks may only offer basic deposit accounts while others have lock box services , sweep accounts , and even online banking ! It's very important to....

  11. Getting An Offshore Bank Account Via The Internet Search Article ... Bogus offshore banking sites can threaten to report you to your tax authority if you question their methods . It's an old con trick ; get the mark involved....




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