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Web Hosting

  1. Beginner's Guide To Multiple Domain Web Hosting
    Gone are the days when you had to open a separate account for each of your website. Since the past few years website owners have been able to enjoy the various advantages offered by multiple domain hosting services. As the name implies, this kind of hosting plan allows you to host more than one website under one hosting account. This means there is no any additional fee required every time you have a new site. In the long run this can save you a great amount of money.

  2. What Do You Want from Your Website?
    The stares I get when I ask clients this question are almost humorous. "What do I want?" is the typical reply. "Right. From your website. What do you want it to do?" A great majority of people just think they have to have a website. They aren't sure why. just that "they" say every business has to have one. If you are gearing up to build a small business website, or if you are a small business person with a site that isn't performing well, listen up.

  3. Your Internet Marketing Virtual Vending Machine Route
    When I'm being introduced at seminars and tele-events, the emcee often points out that I have over 1600 websites. This usually grabs the attention of audience members who have to wonder why I have so many websites, and how I manage them. So, let me enlighten you.

  4. Online Marketing Consultants Say Content is King
    Websites with more content rank better with the search engines. Any online marketing consultant will emphasize, however, that "more" isn't enough. For successful SEO, your site needs a steady stream of fresh, relevant content. Above all, know your audience. Understand what your readers want and give it to them. More content:

  5. Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Idea On The Web
    If you want to get online and are wondering, "How can I get my idea live on the Web in the form of a website?" you have three choices: hire a Web vendor such as a Web designer to make it for you, use an online template-based turnkey service or make it yourself from scratch. This article is specifically for the Web novice that simply needs a place to begin.

  6. Does Your Web Site Pass the Title Tag Test?
    You know those words in the top bar of the browser when you're on a website? You may not have noticed them before now, but you'll want to pay attention to what shows there for your site from now on. Those words are from the page's title meta tag, a part of the code that makes up the page. And while the title tag is just one small part of the code, it plays a really big role.

  7. How to Make a Website Successful
    When doing business on the Internet, there are many ways in which you can make a website successful. Although the look of your website is important, fancy websites don't make sales. There is much more to creating a quality website. To make a website successful, you must create a website that will be of interest to your target market and make them want to visit your website over and over again.

  8. Don't Destroy Your Online Marketing Results with Bad Website Design
    So, you've embarked on a search engine advertising program, maybe even SEO. Whether you're doing this on your own or using an online marketing consulting firm, there are key points to become aware of.
    If you miss these, you won't increase conversions. What good is a Number 1 organic search engine ranking or AdWords ad listing, if you don't have increased sales or if you don't generate more sales leads?

  9. Top 12 Tips to Make a Website Successful
    If you're doing business online, you must take the time to learn how to make a website successful. Creating a quality website is an important part of your online success; however, quality doesn't mean a fancy website with all of the latest gizmos and gadgets. Quality means creating a website that will make your visitors want to stay on your website and take the specific action you want, such as subscribing to your ezine or purchasing your product or service.

  10. Tweak Your Landing Page Design, Supercharge Your Sales
    One of the newest and most talked about Internet marketing strategies these days is Landing Page Optimization. Your Landing Page Design can make or break your conversion rate. All the search engine optimization (SEO) Internet marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising isn't going to create the sales you want with bad landing pages. You'd be just wasting your time and money.

  11. Building Credibility With Your Online Marketing Mini Sites!
    What do you write on the main page of your website? I first started the page with a welcome message and a little bit about myself. I wanted to give the visitor a little bit of my personality. Since I can't personally be on the page to welcome everyone, I always try to put a little of my personality into the words on the page.

  12. Your Website and The Importance of Keeping an Eye on Bounce Rate
    When you hear the word "bounce", you're probably more inclined to associate it with a checking account, not your website. But for those who study and understand website statistics, they understand that "bounce rate" is an important measure of your website's effectiveness.

  13. Tips for Getting the Best Website Design for Your Money
    Eventually every small-business owner realizes that they will need a website for their business, but figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Just understanding the technical lingo and all the options can be confusing, but with the right preparation you can have an impressive and easy to maintain website for your small business in no time.

  14. Changing the Conversion Conversation
    By thinking strategically you can apply the correct tactics to improve your site's conversion rate, generating more leads and sales. The principle of the conversion balance is the key to optimizing your website.

  15. Expired Domain Gains - A Fresh Look on the Scope and Promises
    Expired domains offer you a great opportunity and a wonderful chance to earn handsome online income. It has been a decade and a half, since the first of the most enterprising expired domain entrepreneurs made a foray into the emerging expired domain market.

  16. How to Backorder for a Domain Name - Part II
    As an expired domain trader looking for a good domain name, you may face a number of difficulties and challenges like fierce competition, lightening quick registration by your competitors and exorbitantly higher buying prices. To avoid all these hassles and to buy very good domain names, you can use a number of domain backordering models offered by well known backordering services.

  17. Expired Domain Gains - Some Simple Tips to Monetize Your Domains
    For all domain traders, the most important goal is to monetize their expired domains to create sizeable online income. In fact, the big buck lies in how you flip and empower your expired domains.

  18. How to Backorder for a Domain Name - Part I
    Backordering for a domain name is a well-known process used by a number of expired domain traders. At present, domain backordering service firms offer five different types of model that focus on targeting different stages of domain deletion cycle.

  19. Start Your Home Base Business With A Domain Name And Web Hosting
    So you want to start an internet business where you can work at home and make tons of money? The first part is easy to do. The tons of money can be accomplished but it isn't easy. It is just like a real job. It requires hard work, dedication, research, and commitment to see it through.

  20. Six Important Parameters Of A Good Expired Domain Name
    At time, expired domain trading business is a business concept that is riddled with uncertainties and confusions. While some of them may fetch millions of dollars to their owners, others may yield next to nothing.

  21. Tips For Maintaining Multiple Web Sites
    A lot of internet marketers have multiple web sites. Multiple sites mean multiple streams of revenue. Sounds good. It's not quite so simple though. Multiple sites can turn into multiple streams of revenue only if you are doing the right things to turn them into revenue earners.

  22. 10 Ideas For Launching A Profitable Web Business
    Setting up a website for many, is just a matter of fun; it is a place where family and friends exchange notes, information and niceties. However, with time, you the novice, would get bored with just playing post office and begin to think of how to use your website as a money making tool.

  23. Web Host Services: What You Can Get
    When searching for a web host you may want to look into the extra services that are offered. Although some web host companies do not offer anything more than the basics, this is not the case with the majority of them.

  24. Pay Per Click - Stop the Confusion, Choose a Mentor
    Success in internet marketing can be dependent on many factors. Are your traffic strategies right for your niche? Is the niche the right one in the first place? Do your keyword ads pull the right responses? Is your landing page compelling? Are your calls to action, well placed? There is so much to think about and when you are just beginning, the amount of available information is overwhelming.

  25. What you should know about your web host
    This whole episode left a question in my mind that why people don ' t choose their web host wisely . In fact it's the most vital part of Internet business ....

  26. Points to Consider Before Selecting a Web Hosting Service
    Today with the ever growing number of web hosting companies to choose from, everybody should be able to find the perfect package to fit their needs. But if you are new to the internet, the vast array of choices out there may be rather confusing ....

  27. What is the Best Web Hosting Service
    Is there really a magic formula to determine the best web hosting service? I'm sure thousands of people want to know the answer to this question if there was one...

  28. Mini Site or Content-based Web Site?
    Are you in a dilemma whether to create a mini site or a content-based web site for your new product or service? The purpose of creating a web site should be to attract visitors and convert them to paying customers

  29. How To Choose A Hosting Company
    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hosting companies out there. They come in all price ranges, and with all kinds of bells and whistles. Here are some things you may want to look for in a hosting company, especially if your website is part of your overall marketing plan to sell products or services.

  30. The Most Important Question To Ask About Your Web Site!
    When you design a website how do you start ? Do you start with the banner graphics at the top, or the order page or maybe the sales letter ? All of those are areas that have to be created but they're really not the place to start.

  31. 7 Steps to Web Sites that Sell
    Your web site is like a fight of stairs into your business. Once you've got prospects to your home page - your online front door - you want to move them to action. If you miss a step or two, prospects will fall and won't make it in the door to your business.




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