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Beginner's Guide To Multiple Domain Web Hosting

by Adrian Aditya

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Published on this site: December 10th, 2010 - See more articles from this month

Gone are the days when you had to open a separate account for each of your website. Since the past few years website owners have been able to enjoy the various advantages offered by multiple domain hosting services.

As the name implies, this kind of hosting plan allows you to host more than one website under one hosting account. This means there is no any additional fee required every time you have a new site. In the long run this can save you a great amount of money.

To add a new domain, what you need to do first is to go to the web hosting control panel. Then go to a section called Addon Domains and fill in the boxes provided therein with your new domain, document root, username and password. Finally click the Add Domain button. It is that simple!

The username and password that you insert in the above section will be used to access the files of your website through an FTP program. In fact, each of your site has its own FTP account.

After that you should create at least one email account for your new domain name. Once again, you can set up several email accounts dedicated for a certain domain.

Not only FTP accounts and email accounts, the multiple domain hosting service also provides one or more statistical reports for each of your domains. The most common programs used for this purpose are AWStats and Webalizer. With these features you can find out how each of your sites has performed.

The same also applies for database. A multiple domain hosting service enables users to install different databases for different websites. As you know scripts like WordPress or Joomla require database to operate. This means you can develop a different type of websites for each of your domain.

Usually multiple domain hosting providers provide a feature called Fantastico. Using this tool it will be very easy for you to install various scripts for all of your sites. From web log to image gallery, all can be installed with a few mouse clicks with Fanstastico.

Another advantage of using a multiple domain web host is that you can use some of your domains for redirection. This can be very useful to hide affiliate links for instance.

Once again, a hosting service with multiple domain features lets you host all the sites that you own without having to open different hosting accounts. It is like opening more than one accounts, except it is cheaper because what you use for the additional domains is actually the subfolder of your root directory.

Although basically multiple domain hostings are offered as shared hosting services, some providers allow you to use a dedicated IP for all of your domains with no cost or for a small fee.

Before choosing a hosting company that provides this feature there are several things to take into account. You should know how many domains are allowed to be hosted. There are companies that allow you to host a maximum of 10 domains, while others allow you to host domain names in an unlimited number.

Another important thing to consider is the amount of monthly data transfer as well as disk space offered. Generally, the more sites you want to build the larger disk space and monthly data transfer you will need.

Clearly, this type of web host is very suitable for you who have a plan to build numerous sites covering different niches. So if your business plan incorporates more than one website, multiple hosting plan is something that you should consider.

Adrian Aditya: Find tips and tricks on how to utilize an unlimited
domain hosting. Adrian Aditya is the owner of
http://www.unlimitedhostingplan.com/ offering solutions for people who intend to host multiple websites.

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