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How To Start Your Own Credit Repair Business

by Jay Peters

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Published on this site: July 23rd, 2009 - See more articles from this month

Judging by the newspaper headlines, there is a large, untapped customer base for credit repair businesses. The combination of higher unemployment rates and the ever-tightening credit squeeze will push more Americans over the edge into financial trouble. This might well be the perfect opportunity for you to become an entrepreneur and start your own credit repair business. In this article, we will provide the information you'll need to get started.

  • Experience Counts: Successful businessmen usually "go with what they know." If you have had experience in fixing your own credit problems, then you may be an ideal candidate for running a credit repair business. Maybe you worked on raising your own credit score, you successfully negotiated repayment plans with your creditors, or you had incorrect information removed from your credit report. These all represent valuable experiences you can use when helping others repair their bad credit.

  • Create a Plan: It is critical that you understand the potential market for your business before you commit to a major career change. You should do some research to determine the typical services offered by existing credit repair companies, and create a table that compares the fees they charge. How many other companies are offering credit restoration services in your area?

    Be sure to list the expenses you will face. Will you need a new computer? Where will you advertise? How about office supplies and a new phone line? If you commit to the business fulltime, remember you may lose health insurance coverage from your current employer. Include the cost of paying your own premiums in your plan.

    Determine the potential customer base for your new company. We know that bad credit is a national problem, but how many families are looking for credit repair services in your local area? Your local newspaper may be a good source of statistics and other information on unemployment, bankruptcy, and foreclosures.

    All of the research you collect should be compiled into a business plan. It will help you determine whether your company will be successful, and it should plot your course for at least the first two years you are in business.

  • Build Your Skills: Good written communication skills, and the ability to talk persuasively on the phone are critical to the success of a credit repair professional. Computer literacy and adequate math skills will also come into play. Low-cost adult education courses are often available locally if you need to further build your skill set.

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Before you open the doors of your credit repair business you might offer your services to any family members or friends who are in need. This will give you valuable practice in applying your skills in a real world environment. And you'll be helping those close to you with their financial problems.

Whether you start your business part-time by "moon-lighting" or jump into it full-time is up to you. But you will be sure to succeed if you follow your business plan, and apply your skills. Your reward will be measured not only in income, but in the knowledge that you are helping other people improve their lives.

Jay Peters: To learn the inside secrets to fixing your credit fast... including valuable tips for credit repair professionals, visit the author's website at:

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