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Yahoo! Messenger Opens Out to Developers

Posted by Geetesh Bajaj on June 22, 2006 11:44 PM

Yahoo! is all set to allow individual programs to embed themselves within Yahoo! Messenger, a move that could have huge implications in the way these small collaboration and sharing programs are used.

Information Week said that Yahoo Inc. is set to allow users to embed in its instant messaging service formerly independent programs that help them collaborate on activities ranging from calendar scheduling to watching videos or even trading commodities. The company said it was introducing on Monday a handier way for tens of millions of users of Yahoo Messenger to share a variety of Web services, media or software created by independent software developers or by Yahoo itself.

MSNBC added that Yahoo's effort builds on the growing popularity of "widgets," or mini-applications designed to work on computer desktops. Yahoo is making it possible for developers of thousands of these mini-applications to be incorporated into instant messaging services instead of sitting static on PCs.

TG Daily provides even more details -- dozens of plug-ins ranging from extremely useful to utterly useless are already available. Users can install plug-ins for calendar sharing and viewing where friends live. Shoppers and online auction addicts can also install plug-ins for Amazon.com and Ebay.com services.

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