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Thought In The Head Equals Money In The Hand (Seeing Thought As Currency Brings Us More Money Than Seeing Money As Currency)

by Susan James

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Published on this site: March 26th, 2010 - See more articles from this month

When we understand how and why "Thought" is the Currency and Not Money as The Currency, we will have all of the money we need and want for whatever we want and need it for.

How do we reach this understanding?

  1. Through Knowledge.

    But knowledge is only rhetoric and intellectual until we apply it.

  2. We reach this understanding Through Application of this Knowledge.

How do we get this knowledge? READ

How do we remain consistent in allowing the knowledge to flow to us, so that we use it (apply it ) in our experience? WRITE


Read and Write?

As we expand ourselves, which we do via the various forms of desire, all 'thoughts' keeping us from what we want, will begin to surface. It's our primary job to 'knock these lower density thoughts out of the ball park', which then expands our 'allowing of what we want to show up'.

We knock these lower, not helpful thoughts out of the ballpark of our mind, not with a bat but with a pen. (Or keyboard)

An example I often use, provides the perfect example of what happens once we have a desire.

Weight Loss.

We choose to lose weight.

All of a sudden, we are invited to free lunch and dinners. Friends and family show up with all our favorite foods. We get 'buy one get one free' from our favorite restaurants and fast food places. Heck.. we get free coupons!

A familiar 'money' example:

We choose to have more money and begin to entertain those thoughts and we even have some inspired ideas. We may even begin an inflow of funds, we have a cushion which makes us feel comfy about our money.


Our car breaks down and the washing machine needs a new part.

This is not about 'the money' or lack of money. It's about different layers of thoughts in our mind, causing confusion and havoc.

Desire is a higher plane thought-form. Our lower plane thought forms rise to the top to battle with our higher desires. We have to spoon these lower thoughts off, like hardened cold grease on refrigerated chili.

We have to use a de-greaser. The Degreaser is our Writing It Out.

This is simple sabotage creating confusion and havoc in our minds. It is showing us that we have more thoughts about what we don't want, than we do of thoughts we do want. We expand from this level of 'thought' by writing it out. If we don't write it out, it slides back down within the crevices of our mind, to show itself again, the next time we commit to a new choice or renew a previous one.

We have to write this confusion out, and we do that by beginning with... asking ourselves these questions:

  1. What is I want here?
  2. Why do I want this?
  3. And what thoughts are showing up that seem to be causing me some trouble?

Everyone has desires. Not Everyone is willing to obtain the knowledge and then apply this knowledge, to the very desires taunting them for a better life and lifestyle.

It is a personal choice.

Meaning, not right or wrong, however we choose. Simply a more correct vs incorrect way to having our lives fulfilled as we prefer.

Susan James writes, publishes and specializes in themes emphasizing personal development and higher manifesting methods. Among the many published forms of James authored works are books, print and digital formats, essays/articles, electronic newsletters, distance learning courses and consulting. Susan writes on expanded views of Personal Development, Business and The Livelihood of Writing. Author of The Award Winning 'Manifesting 101 & Beyond,' 'Manifesting 102 & Beyond,' 'Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires,' 'Manifest Warp Speed,' '17 Seconds to Weight Loss,' and the novel, 'The Millionaire Maverick'.
For more informations on Susan James Publishing and Properties visit: http://www.susanjames.org, http://susanjames.wordpress.com/, http://www.susanjamesbookstore.com/ and http://susanjames.tumblr.com/.

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