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Best Ways To Promote And Sell Your Ebook

by David Fowler

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Published on this site: July 23rd, 2008 - See more articles from this month

You may have written your own original ebook, used another or a series of articles as a base to rewrite your own or hired a pro to write it for you. However you produced your ebook you now need to get it on the web, expose it and either establish your name and build a list by giving it away or make sales. Marketing and promoting your ebook is very important - if no one can find it you will have no traffic, list of subscribers or sales.

Sales copies are an effective and efficient way to market your ebook. The sales letter/page should explain to the public what your product is, and how it will help them and give them what they are looking for and solve any problems they may have. Tell them why they need your product. How it will improve their lives if they purchase it. What is unique about it and does it solve the readers problems and answer their needs?

Sales copies are all about fulfilling the customer's needs and making them feel that they need your product or they will lose out or be at a disadvantage. When writing a sales copy for your ebook, try to think like your potential readers once you have identified who they are and feel you have a target audience hungry for the info in your book! If the reader can clearly see the benefits to them of buying your product and how it can help them solve their problem or improve something then they will feel it is a must have item.

Another powerful ebook marketing strategy and promotion is to provide a free trial version. To do this you will need to create an "edited" version of your original electronic book. In the free trial version, provide your readers with a preview of your original ebook and give them a taste of what is inside by using excerpts and possibly the index. Only tell them enough to create a sense that they need to know the full story or all the tips to benefit. Typical strategies include creating a sense of mystery or controversy or a sense of urgency. It needs to have value in the mind of the visitor and a reason for them to take the next step towards possibly getting it! Make sure it contains instructions and links so that they can purchase the full version of the ebook when they have read the sample chapter(s). Many ebooks today come with a free product or report or as part of a package/bundle. Usually this is the case for ebooks that have done the circuit or are outdated.

Advertising your ebook online is a good way to generate sales. If you are established and already have a name you may well be able to use previous JV partners or get new ones to help you with a product launch. They may even add your product to their mailing list so if they have a big list of relevant possible buyers it can boost your sales. Having internet affiliates is the most effective way to promote and advertise online. Your affiliates will receive a commission on any sale generated through their link in your trial version. Many pros and gurus dedicate a whole site with many pages to promotion tools and article examples and ads to make it easy for affiliates to promote.

This ebook marketing strategy encourages your affiliates to distribute your trial version which can increase distribution and will undoubtedly increase your sales.

By having an ebook affiliate program you dramatically increase your possible sales without doing any of the actual work yourself. Treat your affiliates well by providing all the necessary tools, including banners, articles, sales copies, pay-per-click keyword lists as well as a decent commission for their work. Many affiliates can earn 70% + commissions and will only choose the higher paying products. Build up a healthy, long-term relationship with your `army' of affiliates so that they feel like pushing your product for years to come.

You can also use a third party affiliate tracking company. This is a company that would run your affiliate program for you. By choosing an affiliate tracking company to do the work for you, you now have a place where your affiliates can track and check on their stats. In most cases, you don't even have to send out the commission checks, saving you a lot of time.

ClickBank is one of the largest and most trusted affiliate programs online. They have over 100,000 affiliates ready to promote the latest and greatest products to hit the market. You can signup for free.

Marketing your ebook(s)is an exciting and crucial process. It is the final step enabling you to see it all in action and get rewarded for your efforts.

We have talked about using affiliates, JV partners and ads for promoting your info product but it is also a good idea to create a web site of your own. This way you can post your order form and your free trial version of the ebook if you so choose. It could be a simple squeeze or landing page or part of a site or ebook shop. You can also look at ebay although this is usually a more competitive and price conscious market.

If you hire someone else to create a web site for you, you could write your own web site content to save some extra money. Submit your web site content to the web site provider. They can then edit it and apply it to your new web site along with your order form, free ebook trial offer (if you decided to do that), and anything else you wish to have on your site. Today there are also many plug in sites and templates that can be used so even if you have no html or ftp experience you can still get a website quite easily and at a low cost.

Once you have set up your merchant account, or simple Paypal/Clickbank account, you are ready to start taking orders for your ebook. Now you need to get traffic and possibly place ads or use PPC etc.. There are many free and paying methods but that is another subject that requires a separate article.

David Fowler / a2z Group

David Fowler: Ebooks that can make a difference to your life! The a2z Group: www.a2zEbookshop.com, www.a2zprague.com, www.celebrity-star-portraits.com.

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