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Your Way To Online Success In Network

by Kevin Sinclair

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Published on this site: December 17th, 2007- See more articles from this month

Online network marketing is facilitated by social network groups, forums loops and discussion boards. Some of these sites are completely open to the public where they are found easily with a quick search and anyone may click to enter and read what is going on whether or not they choose to contribute. Some of these sites will necessitate active participation. These online forums and groups are a completely different thing to actual paid membership sites.

Some groups and boards are really quite busy while others show little or no activity. Some of these sites are absolutely business only, real social interactivity is off limits, others will encourage it. There is a message board or forum on the internet for any subject possible from health and related physical or mental health fields, business opportunities, entrepreneur hints and tips for work from home mothers, internet programmers, eBay, finances and financial services writers, artists, animal lovers, there are only a small few examples of the subjects available on the wonderful medium called the world wide web.

Just a word of caution should be extended here, if you intent to visit forums, message boards and groups on the internet you must practice some time management skills and restraint. It's a big place out there and one can be lost no end just looking around. The saying of "time fly's..." certainly rings to true when the world of the internet is involved. Sure there is a wealth of opportunity out there, but what of the sad waste in loss of productivity.

From a business point of view there are a couple of very important things you must consider before jumping in to join a loop. It is naturally great to get involved with another bunch of people with like minds. If you are a web designer it is certainly recommended that you should seek out other web designer to spend your time with. Peer support has an amazing ability to keep you right on top where you should be. If you are still in training it is an excellent experience to sit and learn from those who have honestly been where you are and can share the real secrets of their success.

Do be cautious here also, it is far too easy to lose time just hanging out and having fun, forgetting the reason you are there in the first place. You are really not marketing yourself to the right people if the only ones you have contact with are accomplished designers themselves.

The conclusion is balance, the key to successful internet social networking is balance, take the time to visit other groups and check out the boards, maybe someone there is looking for a service involving a skill you have just learnt. Get out and stretch your legs from time to time. Visit boards where your intended market is likely to be.

Do take the time to introduce yourself, and please do not spam the boards. This will not get you any business and nine out of 10 times will get you banned. Take care with your posts and be sure they are completely relevant and friendly, certainly acknowledge the original poster or OP by posting ID . Another important tip, do go back and follow up on your posts, posting and running is as bad as spamming, go back and look to see if the conversation you entered is still active from time to time. Be friendly, but professional, again this is where balance is the key to successful forum posting. Very often word from mouth will spread through the forums and you might just find your ID recommended as a contact from someone else.

There are so many sites its difficult to recommend a starting point, MySpace for example is not for naughty teenagers after all , Yahoo also have Yahoo 360, and Yahoo questions where your help will be both welcome and productive for you. Do check out MSN groups, Face book, and any other social or business network site that has a group with your interest.

Network marketing and social networking are not so different after all.

Kevin Sinclair: System for making profits regardless of whether anyone joins your network marketing business. http://net-mlm-profits.com/

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