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3 Important Things Affiliate Marketers Must Do To Succeed

by Mal Keenan

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Published on this site: July 26th, 2007 - See more articles from this month

Affiliate programs are methods to promote web businesses, in which a publisher (affiliate) is rewarded for every subscriber, visitor, customer or sale that is provided through his or her efforts. There are three important things every affiliate marketer needs to survive. The best course of action cannot be clear, unless they have listed and considered the alternatives.

The three tactics are as follows:

  1. Use a unique web page for each product or service: This is the first strategy that every affiliate marketer should follow. You can use the unique web pages for promoting each separate product that you are going to market. Do not keep all of the web pages together in order to save money on web hosting. It is better to have a website that places focus on the product and nothing else.

    Always remember to include the reviews of products on the website, so that it becomes easy for the visitors to get an initial understanding regarding the benefits of the products on the people who chose to buy it.

    Articles that highlight the use of products can also be posted. Articles on every topic imaginable can be copied from the major article databases, with the full permission of the article authors. Make your web pages compelling and attractive and also include calls for acting on the information. The headline should be written in such a manner that it makes the readers want to read more. Highlight all the possible special points about your recommended products.

  2. Offer free reports to your readers: This is the second tactic that you should follow to become successful as an affiliate marketer. If it is possible, include the free reports at the top right of your web page, so that there is little chance of your visitors missing it.

    Create an auto-responder campaign that will be mailed (at set intervals) to the people who add their personal information in your sign up box. Based on research, a sale is usually closed around the seventh contact with a particular prospect. There are possibilities of just two things happening with the web page alone, closing of sale or the prospect leaving the web page and never returning. If you send your new subscriber useful and targeted information over a lengthy period, you will frequently remind them of the product or service that they were interested in and send them back to your site time and time again with a chance of closing the sale each time.

  3. Drive traffic targeted to your product: One way to do this is to setup a Google adwords campaign targeting certain targeted keyword phrases. Adwords can be quite expensive though especially when starting out. I find that the more unqie relevant content I add to my site the more
    free search engine visitors I attract to my pages.

These are just three basic tips for making the most of your affiliate products. There is a lot more to learn and impliment if you are ever going to make it as a 'Super Affiliate'.

Mal Keenan:
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