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Giving While You're Living, Or When You're Dead Instead?

by Lee Hale

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Published on this site: November 17th, 2010 - See more articles from this month

Over the years, there have been many opinions and thoughts as to the legitimacy of Cash Gifting as a viable and honest means of generating cash. But at the heart of Cash Gifting is a fundamental principle that is often overlooked and convoluted with greed and the love of money. This principle is quite simple... to help your fellow man (or woman) through giving, and in return be recognized and rewarded for your participation in the giving process.

It's no surprise that the giving and receiving of gifts can drastically change a person's life, and despite some common misconceptions about Cash Gifting, it still remains the most popular vehicle for financial gain in the World. In fact, Cash Gifting programs account for nearly 60% of all money generated in the home-based business industry. But unfortunately, most Cash Gifting programs aren't structured properly in order to sustain their efforts for any considerable length of time. Consequently, most people who are active in the Cash Gifting community find themselves jumping from one program to another quite often.

Traditionally people in the good old USA have been taught that you make the best living that you can, provide for your family, save up cash for a rainy day, and then divide up your estate when you are finished breathing (and talking and eating and laughing and - well, you get the picture). So your heirs receive whatever you had left over when you died. You have just been gifted from the dead. However, your parent lived to the ripe old age of 90 years, and that makes you 70 years of age.

What might have happened if your parent had gifted you a few bucks now and then when you were say, 30 or 35 or even 40 years of age? Maybe you would have started a business with the gift, retired at 50, and spent a ton of time with your family for the rest of your natural life!!! Wow, what a shame that would be - but don't worry because your parent will most likely wait until they can't write a check (because they're dead) to write the check. You'll be at the age where you're likely to do the very same thing they did. You will gift when you expire.

There is another idea! Give while you live. Give your child ten thousand bucks and let him take you on a family trip to the Grand Canyon. You'll both feel great. He'll actually be able to talk to you and enjoy you because you won't be dead. The person doing the gifting will also enjoy it because they're still alive. Novel idea isn't it? Why haven't we thought of this before? Why aren't more of us doing it? Stephen Pollan wrote a book called, "Die Broke". That sounds like a horrible title, and you usually picture some poorly clothed, decrepit fool dying homeless. But that is far from what the book is about.

For one thing, it's about people actually sharing and thriving and enjoying their hard earned cash. No, it's not about squandering. It's about common sense living, enjoying life, and giving while you're living and its rewards. I think most would agree, it's ok to be dying to give, but living to give is more satisfying and much more fun. You actually get to see the joyous results of your giving instead of hiding in the grave.

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