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Awaken The LION Within You

by Scott Bywater

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Published on this site: April 8th, 2010 - See more articles from this month

Yesterday I read the "Mr. Brave" book to my 3 year old son.

And he asked me "What's brave?"

I explained to him that brave is anything you do when you are scared to do something, but you do it anyway. And that is a big part of living, isn't it?

Gathering the courage which the Lion thought he didn't have in the Wizard of Oz and doing stuff despite our fear.

I think Richard Branson put it best when he said: "The brave may not live forever - but the cautious do not live at all."

And that's a very true statement in my book.

After all, what is living if you are always playing things safe. Always taking the safe job. Always living out of fear.

Isn't it far better to throw caution to the wind, bite the bullet and give things a shot?

I mean, within reason.

Richard Branson (yes, I have just finished reading his book, Business Stripped Bare) defines the most critical factor in any business decision you'll ever have to make as all boiling down to this question:

"If this all crashes, will it bring the whole house tumbling down like a pack of cards?"

So it's a balance, right?

But I truly do believe fortune does favour the brave.

And when you promote your business via direct response marketing you test small before rolling out a campaign.

You don't throw $40,000 at an ad without a test.

YOu put $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 towards it and see if it flies.

And then when it does, you reinvest your funds.

What's more, you try lots of different campaigns and have lots of different marketing funnels so if one thing stops working for you, you have plenty of others.

But it takes courage to spend money on an ad.

It takes courage to start up a new campaign.

It takes courage to send out 1,000 direct marketing letters without knowing for sure if they are going to work. But as you can see at http://www.scottbywater.com/proof this approach works.

So have the courage today to grab the bull by the horns and start up a new campaign for getting more customers.

And if you want to increase your odds of making it a success,
make sure you check out http://www.morecustomersmadeeasy.com/

Scott Bywater is an advertising copywriting expert and the author of Cash-Flow Advertising. To gain access to all of his copywriting tips on how to get more customers via his eye opening "Copywriting Selling Secrets" newsletter, simply head on over to his web site at http://www.copywritingthatsells.com.au/.

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