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Chickens Banging On The Golden Goose Success Door

by Susan James

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Published on this site: March 13th, 2010 - See more articles from this month

As human beings we are not hapless victims, some of us are just chicken. We have no excuse other than, we are just chicken.. Why? Because we are given methods by which we can design the course of our lives. And we can use this knowledge to help others, whom are so deep in despair, that they can not see or feel anything that might help them out from where they are.

Part of The Good News is this: With higher knowledge comes the wisdom and the practice to use it. To use for our own lives as well as anyone else we are led to use it with. We can do it in secret, no one needs to know. But 'we' know.


By reaching the point in our consciousness where we are introduced to higher methods we can show ourselves how circumstances and time do not matter. We can show ourselves that we can have for ourselves and others, way more than we ever would have wished and hoped for.

We approach, in our use of these higher methods a connection to the Light. To be in the light is one thing, as we all are 'in the light' but to be connected to the higher potency levels of this light, is another matter.

This is what using the higher methods and instruction can do for our lives. It connects us to the light of which we are all ready IN, but at more powerful and potent levels. Why? So that we can have our lives be as we really and truly want them to be.

Many of us like to whine of what does not go right in our lives. However, and you may want to cover your eyes before reading this: There is no excuse once we are given the knowledge to change all of that. We become the goose that lays the golden egg instead of the chicken.

There is nothing wrong at all with being a chicken. Chickens are loved and cared for too, in may unknown and wonderful ways. But life is better as the goose.

And hide your eyes again here..but if you are reading this, then you are moving from being The Big Chicken to Being The Golden Goose.

Within general manifesting techniques we can clear our way for desire fulfillment. However, if we have not yet cleared our own energy in some way, then even if we are introduced to the more potent methods we will toss them aside with lack of care. Why? Because we don't know any better.

Why? Because we have not yet cleared the way 'to see, feel, and sense' the potency. We haven't proven the use of the gift to ourselves. Why? Because we have not cleared our own consciousness enough 'yet'.

This isn't about religious or spiritual work. Although it may feel better for some to see it that way, and that's great, as long as we somehow see it.

Here's the rub. If we don't expand our consciousness from where we are in an on purpose way, then we keep getting the crap banged out of our lives and lifestyles. We remain so far away, yet so close to having the lives we would love to lead.

If you are reading this, and possibly to your own dismay, you qualify as someone who would benefit from some 'ways and means' to expand your head space.

The light is not at the end of the tunnel, its in your head banging on the door of your life. It's the chicken banging to get out, to make room for the goose. You gonna answer it?

Susan James writes, publishes and specializes in themes emphasizing personal development and higher manifesting methods. Among the many published forms of James authored works are books, print and digital formats, essays/articles, electronic newsletters, distance learning courses and consulting. Susan writes on expanded views of Personal Development, Business and The Livelihood of Writing. Author of The Award Winning 'Manifesting 101 & Beyond,' 'Manifesting 102 & Beyond,' 'Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires,' 'Manifest Warp Speed,' '17 Seconds to Weight Loss,' and the novel, 'The Millionaire Maverick'.
For more informations on Susan James Publishing and Properties visit: http://www.susanjames.org, http://susanjames.wordpress.com/, http://www.susanjamesbookstore.com/ and http://susanjames.tumblr.com/.

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