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Celebrity Manifesting (Don't Ever Let Go)

by Susan James

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Published on this site: August 24th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

As we begin to understand and apply how we really 'get what we get', we can become an observer of life and use it to our benefit instead of life using us.

One of the many ways I love to observe life is through the wonderful lens of entertainment and celebrity. Why do I use celebrity? Because we all love to read it and be entertained by it.

People who reach celebrity status and allow themselves to be known publicly, got there status by not letting go. I make the distinction as there are celebrity status folks who are known among private circles but prefer to stay out of the limelight.

How do you know that you are not going to let go? When you hold on to your dream of what you want, no matter what is going on around you, no matter what might be thought or said about you. Something internal keeps you moving forward, why? You know that, that thing you want is yours. How do you know? Because you just won't let go of it. That's how you know.

Jim Carey had a dream. He tucked an image of it his wallet. That Image was of a check for 1 Million Dollars. He told that story after he rec'd his first million dollars.

In a recent article (I Don't' Play By The Rules) in Parade Magazine, Ashton Kutcher, told the story to Jeanne Wolf of him going to New York, and absolutely broke and out of money with Christmas around the corner. He had to go home. He didn't want to 'expose the fact that it wasn't going well'. What did he do? He bought his family all fake Rolex's and other replications and knock offs of famous jewelry and clothing. Why did he do that? To keep the dream alive, when he knew he was the only one dreaming it. He didn't tell that story until after he had made it.

Some of us give up. We lose our selves and then we lose our nerve.

Holding fast to our dreams appears to takes guts. That's what people who don't really understand how we get what we get, will say. They will say it took courage, it took guts. We get blasted at every turn, until one day, everything seems 'graced'. Everything, every moment goes our way. It's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But it didn't take guts or courage.

Whether it was known or unknown to Carey and Kutcher, what they did to keep themselves moving forward was to spit in the eye of judgement. That's not easy for many of us, until we take the mask off of judgement and see what's behind it.

Too many of us are stopped by 'opinion'. We change direction or change our minds in spite of our hearts desires.

When you have knowledge, you know that opinion does not matter. Opinion is at the bottom of the food chain. If you allow yourself to be guided by opinion, then you and your dreams will be eaten alive. Your climb will feel just like that. A long hard climb.

When you have knowledge, you don't need faith and hope. You get to skip that part.

If you have something that you would love to have in your life, but have given up, because it felt too hard. Maybe you could give yourself a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more chance.

When The Beauty of Grace Kisses You On The Cheek, Then You Know, Why You Have Chosen To Hold On.

There is no better place to be.

Susan James

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