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Best Ways To Quit Smoking - This Is The Truly Methods To Quit Smoking

by Vincent Pham

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Published on this site: May 19th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

If you're a smoker and you want to quit, are there any "best" ways to quit smoking? In a word, no. There is only the method or perhaps combination of methods that will work best for you. Nonetheless, there are some popular techniques that work will help you quit if you want to.

Now, first of all, no method is going to work for you unless you truly want to quit. That includes hypnosis, by the way. Even though hypnosis can be very powerful and can help you quit via the power of suggestion, it's only a temporary move and will only work as it should if your desire is there. In short, even with hypnosis, nobody can make you do something you don't want to do for very long.

That said, perhaps some of the most effective methods for quitting smoking include those that use nicotine replacement. This is because there is a psychological component to nicotine addiction, true. However, there's also very much a physical addiction to nicotine itself. By supplying small amount of nicotine through a medium that's not a cigarette, you can take the edge off cravings and work on your psychological cigarette addiction (which can be every bit as powerful as the physical craving for nicotine), then address physical cravings gradually as you remove nicotine entirely from your body.

Another one of the best ways to quit smoking, as mentioned previously, is by using hypnosis. This has been found to be very effective therapy at least in the short term to get you over the worst hump when it comes to the cravings you're going to have. By making cigarettes an item that is unattractive to you, you can learn to ignore them for at least a short period of time as you clear the nicotine out of your system and work on your psychological cravings, too.

Another among the best ways to quit smoking that won't cost you any money is to buddy up with someone who wants to break his or her own bad habit. You could also enlist the help of someone who's a former smoker to be your buddy that you're going to have to be accountable to. If you have someone to be accountable to as you work through your cravings and resist them, you're much less likely to slip up and have "just one cigarette." And unless a friend or spouse who is also smoking is also absolutely committed to quitting, don't have him or her be "quit buddies" with you. This is because if one of you slips up, it's much more likely that the other one is also going to slip up and have that "just one cigarette," which leads to a pack, and so on.

Finally, one good way to give yourself a psychological boost as you are going through the quitting process is to keep track of how much money you're saving every time you DON'T buy cigarettes. Instead of just keeping mental track, it might be helpful to physically take this money and put it in a jar where you can see it grow. This can show you how much you've been spending on cigarettes, and you'll be amazed at how much you can save now. If you wish, too, you can take at least part of the money that you saved and buy yourself something you've always wanted with it once you get through the quitting process. Alternatively, of course, you can take money from your "I quit" jar every time you reach a certain milestone, such as "one month non-smoking," "two months non-smoking," and buy yourself something with it every time you reach a milestone.

In short, there are many methods to quitting smoking, and each can be the best way to quit smoking depending on who you are. Choose one, stick to it (or switch if you find the one you've chosen is not a good fit for you), and work your way toward a healthy and smoke-free life.

Vincent Pham: The best ways to quit smoking are these ways:
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