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Business Networking And Blog Courtesy-Working On A Professional Link Campaign For Blog SEO

by Chuck Crawford

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Published on this site: May 12th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

Business is all about networking, right? Plus, you likely know that you need to get some links to your website to build traffic. Since you're a pro blogger, of course the first place you look for those much needed links is the blogosphere.

However, some manners are in order when it comes to posting comments and linking to your blog from other blogs.

It comes down to common courtesy. We've all heard the `golden rule', right? Do unto others and all that jazz? The goal is for us to get a much needed backlink to our website, that's true. But that's not all we want. Spammy backlinks can be obtained pretty easily. There's even software out there that will blast your links to a million different blog posts comment areas. But it's not really what we want or need.

I'll tell you one reason why.

Before even thinking about the other guy's blog, and common courtesy, let's consider your overall professional appearance. Think of your backlink campaign as one big press release for a minute. If you were blasting a press release to the major news networks today, you would want to present a super professional appearance right? You would want the world to see you as the undisputed expert in your field, professional, classy, the very best. Right?

Then why would you use a different approach and spam your link across the blogosphere? Making you and your website (translate: your company) look cheesy and unprofessional? If you knew that was the way the world perceived you and your business, you probably would have thought twice about it before you used a link blaster and posted your link to a million spam blogs. The problem is that many businesses and many bloggers don't think the internet is part of `the real world'. They don't stop and think about the fact that their actions on the web can have the same negative impact that they would have in the real world when it comes to cheesy and sleezy promotion tactics.

Nope, the internet is different in their eyes. They only know they need a bunch of links. It's not important to them to build an overall web persona. PR is not a concern. But it should be. Because the web is no different than any other advertising medium. People are people, and if they read crappy comments that make you and your company look bad, they are not going to do business with you.

Now, let's also consider the other blogs out there and some basic manners. In the real world, that is the one that doesn't have a keyboard attached to it, you need to have some etiquette when it comes to business networking, right?

For example, if you are a member of the local rotary club, you don't walk into the meeting each week shouting, "Make $5,000 every day using my secret methods"!
Do you?

No. You network. You shake everyone's hand and say hello. You get into conversations and have intelligent discussions. You add something to the group as a whole. When asked, you give your expert advice and opinions and you build new relationships that turn into new client relationships.

So why would you do it any differently online?

When working on links from other blogs and other business communities, have the same manners you would if you were in that rotary club meeting. Be a contributing part of the conversation. Get involved and work on your professional appearance at the same time. Post relevant comments to the current discussion. Don't interrupt like a thirty second commercial break, changing the topic so that you can promote your new product or service. Stay on topic and contribute something useful.

It's o.k. if you don't agree with someone. Good debate can be good for business. Some people will agree with you and visit your site based on your professional opinions. But only if your argument is written professionally and with some class. Stay out of name calling sessions and stay away from labels. Don't call anyone an idiot or a moron. In the end, you end up looking like one.

Your comments are mini press releases. They are little road signs showing how professional you are. Or how unprofessional you are. Your public appearance is up to you. So have some courtesy when posting your comments. It will make the difference when it comes to how successful your linking campaigns are.

Chuck Crawford is an established e-biz expert. Founder and CEO of Crawford Business Development L.L.C., & helping countless people achieve online success spanning his 13 yrs career. Clients include fortune 500 firms & personal startups. visit http://businessblogs.us/contact.html or call (559) 761-091.

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