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The Advantages of a Network Marketing Opportunity

by Michelle Penfold

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Published on this site: April 4th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

One of the most popular businesses for new entrepreneurs is Network marketing. Statistics state that there are close to 59 million people involved with this type of business. As in every business there are successes and failures. There are a variety of factors that have made Network marketing so popular.

  • Gregarious business: Network marketing is all about people. The reason is that if you really want to make a profitable business with network marketing you must be in contact with your team members. The more you interact with them and teach them to succeed the more successful you will all be.

  • A simple system to duplicate: Developing and using a simple system is the key to success in Network marketing. Your work becomes simple when you have a system in place. Your business and team will grow as they learn to duplicate the system. The method is straightforward and simple for recruits to teach their downline.

  • No stock: When you have a Network marketing enterprise you do not have to keep any product, when you work your business online. This means that you will not be spending a lot of money on inventory. You will not have to bother about stock piling up or running out and will never need storage space.

  • Less expenses: Because you are spending less money on overheads you can free up more cash for marketing your business. A Network marketing business can be run right out of your home. No need for expensive office space or furniture.

  • Is cheap to join: Because monthly fees are not to exorbitant, there is more money for you to develop your business. You cannot usually start a business with so little capitol. It takes some money to start your business at first but pretty soon it will pay for itself. Once the profits start rolling in you can grow the business into a considerable venture.

  • Many ways to be paid: There are a variety of ways to earn with Network marketing:

    • Sales: when you sell product to the customer you will be rewarded by the Mother company.

    • Team members' sales: You will earn a percentage from every sale your team members make. As you increase your team your profits will also grow.

    • Rewards: bonuses are given for new recruits and sales. When you sell or recruit a certain number your bonus will increase. The bonus scales vary with different Network marketing opportunities.

  • Tutorials: many companies realize the importance of supplying good instruction to their members. These tutorials are very valuable and will lead you on the path to success.

Michelle Penfold: Is a Network Marketer. She specializes in Health and Wellness
products. Please visit her at http://www.network-marketingopportunity.com.

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