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How To Recruit Team Members For Your Network Marketing Opportunity

by Michelle Penfold

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Published on this site: March 23rd, 2009 - See more articles from this month

The skills to build a strong sales team are some of the most important elements for success in network marketing. Many people make the mistake of not supporting their team members when they recruit them. This can never bring success to your enterprise.

How To Recruit Team Members For Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

  • Empathize with your prospect:
    In order to be successful you will need to build a good relationship with your prospect. Answer all questions and always be professional and friendly. Be sure that your prospects and team members can always get in touch with you. You can use different methods of communication like; phone numbers and online messengers. Before your prospects join your opportunity they need to trust you and know that you will work with them.

  • Do not try to "hard sell" your network marketing opportunity:
    Do not sound desperate for your prospect to join your opportunity. This will make your recruit unsure of joining as they can easily detect nervousness and desperation in your voice if you phone them.

  • Screen your prospects:
    You need to be sure that your prospect really wants to start a network marketing business. The last thing you need is tire kickers, the serious prospects will want to spend some time and money to grow their business.

  • Destroy the myth of spillover:
    Never make this an incentive for people to join your opportunity.

  • Work closely with your sales team:
    Your team needs training. Initially you will need a system that is simple to do. Train 3 team members to use the system. Encourage them to train 3 of their recruits. As your system gets duplicated your team will grow in strength and will continue until the entire matrix is filled.

  • Ensure that you fully support your team members:
    It is vital for the success of your network marketing business to work closely with your team members. Bear in mind that many of them are complete "Newbies." They need a lot of help and encouragement to avoid frustration and disappointment.

Network marketing is all about building and developing a strong team. The better your team the more they will be able to grow the business. A newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your sales team together. You can give your team information about new products, latest marketing trends, and other useful tips. Contests are fun and are great incentives to your team members to excel at recruiting and selling products. Multiple marketing methods will help you to build your team.

Michelle Penfold: Is a Network Marketer She specializes in Health and Wellness products. Please visit her at:

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