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The A B C's of Selecting A Network Marketing Opportunity

by Michelle Penfold

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Published on this site: March 4th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

There are an abundance of network marketing opportunities online. Companies have seen the huge potential of this form of marketing and everyone wants a piece of the pie. The health and wellness industry offer some of the most profitable opportunities. It is wise to be cautious, as not all these opportunities will work for you. In fact some are outright scams. The question is how to
select the best network marketing opportunities for you?

Always do your research before you join an opportunity.

Here are some tips:

  • Research the product: a good company will be offering a high-quality product. Substandard products are difficult to sell and you will also find it hard to recruit people to your opportunity. Beware of Pyramid schemes. These are companies with no product who just expect you to recruit people to the opportunity. These types of schemes are illegal. Another problem can be if an opportunity is working a saturated market. Under
    these circumstances it is almost impossible to sell the product.

  • Easy to communicate: good support should be offered and the company should have an easy way to contact them. Another important point is the speed, which they reply to you.

  • Instructions: these companies are meant to provide some helpful instructions and tutorials for members. This will help you to be more successful and is a mark of a good company that wants its sales people to succeed.

  • Be careful of hype: Exaggeration and hype on the sales page is a bad sign in a company. Companies that need to resort to these tactics are unprofessional and not worth your time.

  • Beware of hidden fees: This deserves some thought. Ideally you should only have to pay a monthly fee in order to make money. In order to get your commission you should not have to upgrade and pay more money.

  • Is the product marketable? Do your market analysis. Before you join the opportunity, be sure you know some ways to promote it.

  • How will you be paid?: Make sure the matrix is structured so that you can easily earn your commissions.

  • Understand the matrix system: It is important to understand the way the matrix works before you join, as there are many different matrix structures.

  • Age of the company: the company should be at least 2 years old. If the opportunity is too new you can risk them going out of business before they pay you your commissions.

Michelle Penfold: Is a Network Marketer She specializes in Health and Wellness products. Please visit her at http://www.network-marketingopportunity.com.

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