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MAX-imize Life's Potential With Philosophy From a Dog Named Max

by Robin Reynolds

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Published on this site: February 14th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

As I look back on my life, I can honestly say it wasn't always easy. I mean I was abandoned by my first family when I was just a pup. I had a big sister who was always biting my head. I got cancer and a bad back later in life. And I inherited an annoying little sister who also tried to bite my head. So I could have spent a good part of my life whining about something.

But I ascribe to the philosophy that "you can let life happen to you or you can make your life happen." I wrote down much of my philosophy in the book I wrote with my mom, "Life to the Max: Maxims for a Great Life by a Dog named Max." But here's another Top 10 Ways to MAX-imize Life's Potential:

  1. Keep a positive attitude. Bad things are bound to happen, but thinking negatively just makes things worse and worrying won't change anything. Get up everyday and wag your tail!

  2. Be creative. There are lots of ways to solve a problem. If something stinks in your life, sniff out new opportunities.

  3. Relieve your stress. Sometime you just have to bark about stuff, but after that, let it go. Have a good stretch and relax.

  4. Keep the faith.Things will happen that are beyond our control. Dig up as much information as you need, but then you have to have faith that things will work out. No whining!

  5. Always work hard. You get a great sense of accomplishment from work done well. Being successful takes dogged determination.

  6. Take time to play. Recreation is just as important as work —you need to exercise your mind as well as your body. When you play well with others, you learn how to be part of a pack.

  7. Take care of your friendships. Friends will be there even when family can't. Occasionally let them bite your head without retaliation. It means they trust you enough to show you how they really feel.

  8. Laugh freely and often! Laughter is critical to our well-being. Get together with your friends and howl!

  9. Take care of your health. It is one of your most prized possessions. If you have the basis of good health, you can lick anything!

  10. Take time to "paws" and reflect. Life can be filled with noise and distraction. Sometimes, you just have to sit down and chew things over.

I think if you try out some of these things, you're going to have a doggone great life. And if you need a reminder from time to time, you can either turn to my book —just a little reminder, it's called "Life to the Max: Maxims for a Great Life by a Dog named Max" or you can just take a look at your dog. If you watch him carefully, you'll realize he knows a lot more than you think. And no doubt, he can teach you some new tricks.

Robin Reynolds: Is an award-winning writer who has more than 25 years of experience writing in a variety of formats. An Airedale Terrier lover since youth, Robin lives in Tempe, AZ with her husband, teenage son, and two Airedales. Visit http://www.nicecreative.com and http://www.lifetomax.com.

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