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5 Reasons Why Couples Turn To Marriage Counseling

by Sig Yanosway

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Published on this site: February 6th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

There are always going to be times when, in relationships, there are challenges that come up. The important thing, when it comes to "saving" broken relationships, is recognizing that there is a need for change and developing an understanding that marriage counseling or couples counseling can help to put that change into motion.

There are a number of situations in which marriage counseling can help couples to uncover what is really going on when they are struggling to communicate and it seems as though the challenges in the relationship cannot be overcome. Here are some of the most common reasons why couples turn to marriage counseling:

  1. Couples turn to marriage counseling when they cannot overcome a sense of boredom within their relationship. In many cases, it seems as though as time goes on, familiarity with one another leads to a sense of boredom, that the relationship becomes routine. Marriage counseling can help to reignite the spark that had been present early in the relationship.

  2. Couples turn to marriage counseling when they find themselves caught up in past events. Rather than simply justifying their conflicts by saying "too much has happened," with couples counseling it is possible to find ways of moving beyond past hurts.

  3. Couples turn to marriage counseling when it seems as though they no longer are able to make time for one another. With work, kids, and other relationships, it seems that some couples struggle to connect in the same ways that they did while they were dating; marriage counseling allows them to work towards a solution.

  4. Couples turn to marriage counseling when they recognize that there are changes that need to be made in their relationships but they don't quite know how to begin. Whether it is because of a perceived lack of appreciation or there is difficulty working though infidelity, when both the husband and wife want to be able to work through their challenges but are having trouble moving forward, marriage counseling with an unbiased third party can help to set a plan into motion.

  5. Couples turn to marriage counseling when they are having parenting disagreements. Challenges with parenting may be the result of a difference of opinion about having children to the right way to handle rebellious teenagers, but in either case they can drive a wedge between a husband and wife. Marriage counseling can help to bridge the gaps that are left.

Communication is the key to successful marriages, and it is therefore the primary focus of marriage counseling. Communication, after all, is not just about which party can speak louder, faster or first; communication is about freely talking about both situations and emotions and hearing what the other party has to say.

Marriage counseling is a service provided by therapists who want to be able to help couples uncover the issues that are lurking below the surface – a service that is designed to enhance communication so that couples can work through their issues. Regardless of whether the issue is boredom, parenting, the past or something else altogether, marriage counseling can help couples to move beyond the issues and to find solutions and, perhaps more importantly, to learn to communicate.

Sig Yanosway: For counseling for couples, individuals, marriage and relationships, or live phone counseling.

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