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Caring for the Environment: Used Moving Boxes

by Anthony Williams Sr.

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Published on this site: January 27th, 2009 - See more articles from this month

When moving, it is inevitable that you need boxes to place all of your belongings in. Could you imagine taking all of your things and placing them inside a moving truck without having something to put everything in? That would literally take you forever and it is that very reason why moving boxes are so important in the moving process. That's worse than going to a supermarket and having all of your items placed inside the cart without bags. Your time placing the items in your car could double, triple, or even quadruple without them. Now just imagine moving an entire house that way. But the invention of the moving box has made the entire moving process easier.

However, boxes are made out of paper and paper is made out of trees. That means that more and more trees are cut down to make these beloved moving boxes that make our lives easier. Then there is the fact that many of these moving boxes end up meeting their demise in the dump rather than being reused. It is here that they become mushy messes of wet paper that really isn't all that great for the environment. That box could have been sold or given to a moving supply store to be reused by other movers. That means less demand for moving boxes, so fewer trees are cut down to meet the demand. That also means no mushy cardboard adding to the demise of our environment.

Acquiring used moving boxes

You can go to your local moving supply store and purchase boxes to move with. You can buy them brand new in bulk, and boy do those new boxes look beautiful. They look so beautiful that it is hard to resist them. However, the moving supply store may also give you the option to purchase used boxes at a cheaper price. This can leave you rather torn because those new boxes look so great, but those used boxes are so much cheaper. What do you do?

Here's another scenario to think about: If you have ever called your local supermarket and told them you needed large boxes, then you are reusing boxes. There was some type of merchandise that was shipped in that box before you got a hold of it and it seemed to hold up pretty good, right? So why not go for the used boxes at the moving supply store? Or if you have enough time, you can call up your local supermarket and ask them to hold boxes for you when they process their next shipment. No matter what you do, you are doing something great for the environment by not going for those brand new boxes that will perform in the same manner as the brand new ones.

Are there any cons?

There are cons no matter which way you look at it. The new boxes are more expensive when moving is expensive enough. The old boxes have been used by others and could possibly have fleas or spiders in them. The supermarket boxes have come from places that you are not familiar with, so you don't know what might be inside of them. However, spiders, fleas, and other annoyances exist within the moving supply store. You never know when a spider might crawl up into that crisp new box. You don't even know where those boxes were before they arrived to the store. They had to be shipped there somehow as well, right? So don't let any of that bother you. Think about the environment and what you are doing to make the world a better place to live. Every little bit counts.

Anthony Williams Sr. : A major provider of used moving supplies EcoBox adheres to the Buy Green, Save Green principle putting money back in your pocket while saving the environment.

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