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Personal Development - 5 Easy Ways To Increase Low Self Esteem

by Donald Mckenzie Jr

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Published on this site: September 17th, 2008 - See more articles from this month

Self Esteem plays a major role in decision making for almost everyone. The ways you dress, speak, and even walk are affected by your self esteem. This article will show you a few ways to increase you self esteem.

  1. Walk with your head up high.

    Posture is one of the most important indicators of self esteem known to man. For instance, a person walking with their head low and shoulders saggy is often times seen as a sad or depressed individual. On the other hand, a person walking with their head up high and high shoulders is seen as a courageous, high self esteemed individual. Look at the commercials that the army puts on television. Almost all the time you will see the soldiers with the look of confidence and honesty. If you walk around with a great posture it will help you to internalize high self esteem.

  2. Maintain healthy eating habits.

    This tip focuses on your specific comfort level with your body. You see, in order to achieve high self esteem you need to be comfortable in your own body. There are countless individuals who are overweight and have high self esteem. On the other hand, there are people in top physical condition, and they have low self esteem. This body image you portray is just one piece of the self esteem "puzzle".

    If you happen to be uncomfortable in your body, then you should try to adopt healthy eating habits. This does not mean for you to go out and murder yourself with exercising, or stop eating. Many people have proven the fact that when you feel healthy on the inside, your self esteem will go through the roof. So, just by staying healthy, not thin, you can already boost your self esteem.

  3. Change the way you dress.

    In today's world, fashion plays a big role in almost everything we do. This even plays a big role in dating and work activities. Think about this; would you rather talk to someone wearing great clothes, or someone wearing dark colored, torn and dirty clothing? Just be sure to dress in a way that is great for others to look at, but most importantly, make you feel comfortable and more self aware.

  4. Increase your social skills.

    Many individuals with low self esteem tend to be more on the antisocial side. They rarely go out into the community and sit at home all day. The reason this tip has surfaced for self esteem, is that humans are social creatures. We need each other in order to survive. No matter where you go, social activities surround you. One way to help build your social skills is to hang out with a group of friends and go dancing or elsewhere. Go out of your comfort box with "baby steps" and do not worry about what others may think.

  5. Spread the love.

    While you are following the previous tips and building self esteem, it is vital that you "spread the love". We often hear the term, "treat others the way you want to be treated" during our younger years of life. Therefore, if you want others to talk to you and treat you nicely, you should go out of your way to do this too. As you are becoming more comfortable while following the other steps, you will notice that you will realize that one little phrase. It goes a long way on the quest for higher self esteem.

Donald Mckenzie Jr: For more information visit these two websites: http://improving-self-esteem.blogspot.com and ebay-account.blogspot.com. You can also get information on home businesses by visiting this website: internet-business-from-home.blogspot.com.

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