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The Do's And Don'ts Of Network Marketing

by Kevin Sinclair

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Published on this site: December 12th, 2007- See more articles from this month

Certainly you became interested and joined network marketing for the money. This is the bait that attracts us here. But this is not the only attraction. It is not human to subject ourselves to so much hard work building a business only for pieces of paper with pretty pictures of dead presidents. Really you are working for your money to get to the things that this money will bring you.

The first thing you really must do is to discover the real motivation that bought you to become a network marketer. Perhaps it was the freedom to decide for yourself what you want to be doing and when. Perhaps it was a lifestyle change that attracted you to network marketing. The one thing that is crucial to your success in network marketing is knowing your motivation.

Network marketing is a coaching and teaching business. If you do not interact well with other people it is not likely that you are in a business that is right for you. Many network marketers fail to realize that they are not sponsoring faceless reps, you are in fact sponsoring real people.

If perhaps you are unable to find a reason behind your motivation in network marketing then it doesn't particularly stand to reason that other people must be doing the same thing. So why do network marketers seemingly habitually focus on the financial rewards?

It is impossible to inspire Joe Blow get up off his backside and do something if you cannot discover what motivates him. Therefore most marketers will harp on the financial rewards that Joe Blow might earn. They will send him message after message about successful sue who was able to buy herself her dreams and encourage Joe with the knowledge that he can do the same.

The truth is that Joe is fool, so how realistic is this approach. Joe does work long hard hours at his day job, and he's a provider for his family. In his heart Joe feels that working hard and saving anything he can by going without those little extras will one day afford him a casual family holiday. So here you are promising Joe the world and telling him he could be just like Sue if he would listen to you, and sign that paper, You would take care of him as his sponsor.

Typically there will be many people who you will need to sign up just this same way. But if you are looking for real success in your network marketing business, you really need to change this approach. Stop being in such a rush, and take the time to listen.

Don't jump on Joe with all the latest network marketing philosophy. Take the time to find out what it is that Joe wants. How about asking Joe what he wants in life. Get to know Joe; don't even discuss business at your first meeting with him. Discover a friend in Joe, and let him discover you.

Follow this simple more humane plan and feel better with your results and Joe will come willingly to do the same for you, your business will do much better.

Kevin Sinclair: System for making profits regardless of whether anyone joins your network marketing business. http://net-mlm-profits.com/

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