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What You Should Be Looking For In A Network
Marketing Business

by Kevin Sinclair

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Published on this site: December 3rd, 2007- See more articles from this month

Network Marketing is also known as Multi-level marketing often the short form of MLM. If you are considering joining the many who are involved in network marketing then this information is for you.

There are particular things that you should be paying attention to within a network marketing business that will make the difference between going on ahead with a successful business and simply joining something and going no-where. So you may have been warned that most network marketing businesses actually fail, I am sorry to say this is indeed true. This is true because many folk interested in network marketing do not do things the right way. Be one who does get it right and be one of the very successful individual who realizes their dreams.

You should be able to begin your career in network marketing at very little cost. It is not necessary to be paying large sign up fees and frontloading that amounts to thousands of dollars, you should in fact avoid offers where massive amounts of money are required from you to start with. No, you do not need to "buy your way to the top". If you are being asked to purchase large expensive inventories keep shopping, this is not the real deal.

Do not fall for the incredible claim that it is possible to make money without selling a thing. It is possible that you may have people placed under you without you having to do anything only if the people above you are working extremely hard and your compensation plan is a forced matrix or power leg binary. This is referred to as a spillover, but certainly you will never make any real money this way. If you happen to join expecting this possibility you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Be sure that the company you are considering actually has a product or service; there is no such thing as a business opportunity with potential if it is nothing but an opportunity.

It is absolutely recommended that you do your homework on your intended company thoroughly. You must do a search for complaints and scam warning. Make certain the company's history checks out with everything they have told you and there is absolutely no unusual activity or discrepancies.

The backbone of any network marketing company rests in the areas of sales and distribution; we are most familiar with direct sales. It is from the product the company carries that a sales person makes a commission or percentage of sales. the salesperson may also be paid via an hourly or salary package, some will be paid per lead or contact but at the end of the day there will be a sales quota that needs to be met. This is traditional selling.

Network marketing however is much better for companies and distributors. Certainly you are still moving a product but you are also looking for someone else to sell this product also, you are effectively building a team, you will get paid for your sales and a percentage of the sales of those who you have encouraged to join you. This is why it is called multi-level marketing.

When the people who have come to join you, do the same as you and encourage others to join them you are moving higher up the ladder and enjoying percentages of sales from all those under you, at the same time those directly under you are making a percentage of the sales made by those who they have encouraged to join them. You begin to make money with little effort spent. The payment plans are referred to as binary, breakaway, matrix, stair-step and finally the gold is called unilevel.

The unilevel payment plan has absolutely no limit to the number of people who may be selling under them; these people are often referred to as downlines. You commissions are also quite high but not from a percentage point of view, this is in sheer volumes. These earnings are sometimes called leveraged because you are benefiting from the work of those under you. This is when real wealth
begins to happen.

Network marketing is all about referral, a nice gentle soft sell is sufficient; hard sells are not so effective or desirable for success. You simply make a recommendation and ask others to do the same. Passion sells, if you are passionate about your product this will spill over to others. Promotional materials are typically provided such as letters and brochures, web sites and DVD's. These materials should be persuasive with many testimonials.

The company's product must be desirable, it is best if this product is unique and manufactured by the company itself. If you want to be going the distance the product must be able withstand the duration and attract returning sales, ideally a regular consumer base.

Network marketing is about building a residual income that should continue to come in, you are not looking for a quick here today gone tomorrow sale. Be sure that the company is debt free and have a reliability of over 5 years.

Having discovered all of these things four warm market, ie family and friends are best avoided, these are not business contacts, take your business seriously and look for people who are interested in your business, product or service.

MLM genealogy lists are available for network marketing. These are a list of people who are interested in network marketing or who have been involved in it. Generally these lists are not particularly expensive and well worth a look at for potential contacts if you have a product and company that you would recommend to them.

Kevin Sinclair: His system for making profits regardless of whether anyone joins your network marketing business. http://net-mlm-profits.com/

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