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Limit Your Limitations

by Yvonne Finn

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Published on this site: January 2004 - See more articles from this month

All of us face two kinds of limitations

The self- imposed and that which we receive from family, friends co-workers and anyone else who might hear of our desire to make changes in our life.

Whether the change is a small one or life altering, you will have someone telling why it cannot be done. Either you are too young, too old, too experienced, not experienced enough, or they have tried it and it didn't work for them.

Sometimes these people are really operating out of a sense of concern for you.
They don't want you to lose money or be dis-appointed if your new venture fails.
Sometimes the motives are less altruistic, for if you succeed,they may now have to do some rethinking about their own lives and acomplishments or the lack there of.

In this situation, it is necessary to find people who are positively moving forward in their own lives, for these are the ones most likely to help you as you try to bring your dreams to life.

There are many support groups for just about anything you want to tackle and you will most likely end up with some new friends too!

The second kind of limitation is even more damaging to our forward moving for it comes from how we talk to ourselves.

And since we are always around us, this self dialogue is constantly re-enforcing whatever negative thing we say. If we repeat our doubts and fears that is all we will hear.

No one can change this pattern but us.

To change the tape that we have placed in our minds, we must not only erase the old one there but provide a new one.

Go back to a time in our life when were most confident and optimistic and feel those feelings all over again.

Tell yourself that you are still that same person and then accomplish one of the new goals you have set for yourself.

Register for that class or learn to drive (even if you're fifty) Start your business or get a checkup and run a marathon.

So accept the warnings and cautions that you receive,with as much grace as you can, then move ahead to success with what I call "purposeful preparation".
Everyone fails sometimes, at least you will know what does not work, but that may just lead to new discoveries.

I recently saw a documentary on the discovery of Insulin by those two intrepid Drs Banting and Best.

How many of us would have continued under those terrible hardships that they had to put aside as they forged ahead to make their permanent and life altering mark in history?

And isn't that how we as humans have progressed to this very interesting time in which we now live.

Yvonne believes that life long learn should be available to everyone who is interested in having a rich, interesting life. Join her for one of her free webcasts at: www.worldprofit.com/webcast/default.cfm?id=7177

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