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Got Goals?

by Brook Montagna

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Published on this site: January 2004 - See more articles from this month

Do you have clear goals for 2004? Are you wondering how to achieve your goals? Good solid plans and a foundation for success will help you create life and business on your terms.

Here are 10 steps to set and achieve meaningful goals. The Steps to Success can be used over and over, whenever it's time to chart your course again.

Steps to Success

  1. Release. It is important to release negative energy caught up in past events. Say goodbye to past mistakes, frustrations, or disappointments and keep your focus on now.

    In order to reach new goals, you will need all the positive energy you can muster!

  2. Create a Vision. A vision for your life is like a magnet pulling you forward. A clear and meaningful vision is essential to staying motivated and focused. This is your dream, purpose, and mission you know you want to live. It is important to be able to see it, feel it, taste it and know it is possible for you. Write it, draw it, collage it, sing it, whatever keeps it alive!

  3. Prioritize. From your vision, decide what aspects are most important. For example: If your vision includes several new business projects, create a priority list starting with the project that you are most passionate about.

  4. Set definite goals. Achievable goals are reasonable and specific. They are written down, and specify what, when, and how. Create deadlines, detailed steps, visible reminders, daily reviews, and consistent action. This takes time, but it's critical to getting the results you want.

    Remember the carpenter's rule for increasing effectiveness, "Measure twice. Cut once".

  5. Commit. What does commitment to your goals mean to you?

    Do you think of drudgery, or excitement? Success over the long term stems from a commitment that is grounded in excitement. Read your vision every day to keep the excitement fresh.

  6. Create a Foundation for Success. Increase your chances for success by including a plan for each of the following:

    • Mind Management -

      Take charge of your thinking. Negative thinking is like an anchor when you are trying to move forward into new territory. Write out positive, confident beliefs and thoughts that you will entertain for your success, and read them frequently.

    • Time Management -

      Schedule your time for effectiveness, and be accountable to the actions you have planned. Use a calendar! Don't over commit, and curb your time wasters.

    • Emotion Management -

      What helps you get back on track when you experience disappointment, discouragement, or doubt?

      Set up a support system of friends, peers, service providers, and a good self care program so that you bounce back quickly. Be sure to include fun and humor as part of the process in reaching your goals.

    • Environment management -

      How will you handle all the distractions? The phone calls, e-mail, noise, too many ideas in your own mind? It pays to address each potential distraction with concrete action. For example, if you find that responding to e-mail is a time thief and reduces your productivity, select a reasonable amount of time to respond to e-mail, schedule it, and stick to it!

    • Gremlin management -

      Gremlins are everything else within your own make up, the patterns and behaviors that get in the way of your success. Procrastination is one of the most familiar to all of us. With mindfulness and conscious attention to your thinking and actions, you can change old habits. If you need help making a change, try coaching.

      Don't let anything stop you!

  7. Take action. Each goal can be broken down into small steps. Think about each long term goal and "rewind the tape" in your mind. How did you get there? What did you need to learn along the way? What steps did you take?
    Write down the steps, put them on your calendar in such a way that each task can reasonably be accomplished.

  8. Evaluate. This is very important! Schedule a review session each week where you look at your results so that you may:

    • Learn from mistakes

    • Celebrate successes (no matter how small)

    • Revise plans if needed

  9. Confidence. Who or what will you call on to remind you of your greatness and your ability to reach your goals?

    Support Group? Inspirational Books? Friends? Peers? Life Coach? Be prepared to use these resources.

  10. Repeat.

Use this outline to create your vision for 2004, or whenever it's time to begin again.

Ready, Set, Action!

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