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Book Writing Secrets That Payoff!

by Jeff Smith

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Published on this site: January 2004 - See more articles from this month

You are going to discover book writing secrets that almost nobody dare share.

Want to know the invisible barrier that blocks most writers, speakers, consultants and business people from making their financial dreams come true?

It's the "I'm Not An Expert Syndrome".

What is the difference between a so-called expert and you?

No - it's not a riddle, but it does have a funny punchline.

Ready -- the difference is simply one product.

You see, many of us assume that first came the prestige, success, and reputation while the book writing followed.

Not true - it's exactly the opposite.

With one single information-based product such as writing a book, ebook, special report, audio or DVD - you can smash through the barrier separating the average to the expert.

Don't believe me.

Book writing may have seemed a secret science, but tell me if you could have written about these subjects...

  1. "How To Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food"

  2. "How to Work for An Idiot: Survive and Thrive -- Without Killing Your Boss"

    Tell me how many of us couldn't have written THAT one!

  3. "How To Housebreak Your Dog In 7-Days"

    Pets are a proven topic area that sell incredibly well and hold their value for years.

  4. "PC Annoyances: How To Fix the Most Annoying Things About
    Your Personal Computer"

  5. "How To Start a Conversation and Make Friends"

    The perfect book writing topic for social butterflys.

  6. "How and Why To Build A Wine Cellar"

    Topic could have been building almost anything.

  7. "Instant SalesLetters"

    A collection of great sales letters - compilation with very little writing.

  8. "Home Inspection Checklist" - Time tested topic that will last for years

    Perhaps you couldn't have written every one of these titles, but surely your mind is exploding with possibilities.

How many people do you know that you could have interviewed on these topics and come up with 90% of the content for book writing?

Keep in mind that many of these books are TOP sellers, not just average books. Even more incredible is the fact that many of these books were written several years ago and continue to bring in big money for the writers.

Overcome the "I'm Not An Expert" syndrome, get down to work and start building your own reputation - and bank account - right now!

Discover how to create your own best-selling eBooks, Special reports or books to sell online ...AND keep 100% of the profits. Limited time complimentary access to 7-Part Minicourse will get you started quickly and easily. Visit:

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